Morning JAVA: Bitcoin's Leap Year Day 2024

Morning JAVA: Happy Leap Year Day!

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To All Those Born On Feb. 29th, Happy Leap Year Day!

February 29th comes but once every four years and today, that day has finally arrived. Today, we get to celebrate an extra day in our lives and to those born on February 29th, the long wait is over and I wish you all a very happy and much deserved birthday party!

An actual Earth year is calculated to be 365.242199 days, hence the extra day every four years. By accumulating this extra overtime, we get to enjoy an extra 24 hours to do whatever we want. There's just one thing, that .242199 times four only adds up to .968796, slightly less than a full day. This means that we're adding an extra 0. 031234 fractional day on leap year day. Eventually, over a very long period, say 400 years, another leap year day will have to be added!

Leap Year Day goes all the way back to 46 BCE. Under Julius Caesar, the Romans recognized the Earth year was slightly longer than 365 days and came up with the clever idea of adding an extra day to the calendar every four years. After a few 400 year times spans passed, the Gregorian calendar was introduced under Pope Gregory in the 16th century to improve the time approximation by adding the extra leap day every 400 years.

Over the course of one 400 year period, 97 extra leap year days are added. This gives the Earth year an almost perfect 365.25 days in total. The exact total days is 365.2425. This is as close as we'll ever get to a perfect calendar.

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On a slightly different but related note, when I was a child I loved watching The Little Rascals (Also known as 'Our Gang') movie shorts on TV. One of my favorite characters was Froggy, portrayed by William Robert 'Billy' Laughlin. In the episode 'Surprised Parties' released on May 30, 1942. Froggy laments to his friends that he was born on February 29 and could only celebrate his birthday once every four years. His friends rally and plan a surprise party for him but to keep it a surprise, they kick him out of the gang so he wouldn't know what was going on. Froggy sabotages their plans in revenge, then shows up at the party in disguise, dressed as a girl only to find out the party was for him.

Laughlin had joined the Our Gang cast two years earlier in the short, the new pupil. He appeared in the final Our Gang short 'Dancing Romeo' after a four year run. He spoke the very last line in the Our Gang series, 'Gang, she loves me. Oh...' and then faints. He then appeared in a cameo in one feature film, 'Johnny doesn't live here anymore'. He was just 12 years old. He then told his parents he'd had enough with acting and just wanted to live a 'normal' life.

He eventually took up a job delivering newspapers. Things took a tragic turn when on August 31, 1948, while riding a scooter and delivering papers with his friend John Wilband, they were struck by a speeding truck. Wilband went into a coma and eventually survived. Unfortunately Billy Laughlin suffered fatal injuries. He was just 16 years old and became the youngest of the Our Gang cast to pass away.

While Laughlin's death is and was tragic, the legacy he left behind continues to make the young and old watching the Little Rascals shorts laugh. Such a beautiful legacy. 


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