ATTENTION; This Blog Is For Mature Adults 18 years of age and older ONLY I will keep things 'Tasteful' but relevant, just to say. I'm an Author and of course seek exposure of my work to an audience. I want to invite people to escape from the rather insane world we live in and enjoy some NON-WOKE old-fashioned beneficial escapism. Here's where you'll find sample, snippets, micro-pieces and where to purchase my stories if you wish to.

S 3 L 1 N 4

15 Jun 2022 2 minute read 0 comments TheRuneLion

Welcome to the world of 2082. Decades after The Global War the world is held in stalled-glaciation as Humanity continues reaching deeper into space as Earth continues it's Dystopian downward spiral. This is a world of casual crime, street-life, spl...

ALIEN: The Lander

2 Jun 2022 57 minute read 0 comments TheRuneLion

A  L  I  E  N THE LANDER The Companion Short-StoryTo ALIEN: Manticore byRL Blackburne 2017Revised & Format Corrected 2022Link To Google Drive PDF Included For Reader Preference   For James… September 15 1986 - December 26 2021 Always remembered. Neve...

CYBERNOIRE; The Workaday World

25 May 2022 26 minute read 0 comments TheRuneLion

2022RL Blackburne LOS ANGIEGO, 2082SEPTEMBER    It was late afternoon under the omnipresent grey-bowl sky and fog-misted distances that shrouded and obscured the horizon colloquially known the world over as ‘The Grey’.  It had been a mildly storm-to...

Gabriel's World - The Cyberpunk World Of 2082

18 May 2022 2 minute read 0 comments TheRuneLion

  2 0 8 2 It's not Mike Pondsmith's world.  Our planet in 2082 has gone through hell and remains stalled there.  The aesthetic and story ideas are inspired--in part--by BLADE RUNNER and BLADE RUNNER; 2049 but the world and story goes in very differe...

GABRIEL - A Cyberpunk-genre streetcat's story

17 May 2022 12 minute read 0 comments TheRuneLion

  G  A  B  R  I  E  L 2022 RL Blackburne   DEDICATION  IN  MEMORIAM For and To; Brandon Lee. Much-loved… …still and always missed.     The United Nations no longer exists. The Third World War devastated the planet’s ecosystems and biosphere. Nuclear...

Erotic Fiction & Quality Stories Are Not Mutually-Exclusive

12 May 2022 2 minute read 0 comments TheRuneLion

 I write erotic fiction, and I'm as proud of that as is proper as it's not that simple a thing, despite what some think.  First, I studied a lot of random samples of erotic fiction and found a 'sameness' across the entire market. With that in mind, I...

ALIEN: Manticore - An idea running on it's own

11 Aug 2021 2 minute read 0 comments TheRuneLion

 I and a friend of mine wrote a book and I mean a BOOK set in the ALIEN universe but took things in a different, non-trope direction. It has characters that act Intelligently, it covers a lot more ground that all of the ALIEN movies put

Tolkien, TYRANT STAR and what I seek for my audience...

16 Jul 2021 1 minute read 0 comments TheRuneLion

 In Tolkien's works, he stayed well away from Allegory, and I seek the same for my works. I try to keep them within-themselves...not reflecting our world at all, except where absolutely unavoidable. Within the universe is it's OWN history and own rel...

Prologue & Excerpt: TYRANT STAR 'Sidera Sanguinem'

11 Jun 2021 4 minute read 2 comments TheRuneLion

A long time ago... ...far away across the universe. P R O L O G U E   Long ago, in the far and distant reaches across the universe, the K’Syth were the first to found an interstellar power that would encompass regions, territories, as well as thousa...

TYRANT STAR; The Future and Crypto-Purchases

6 Jun 2021 2 minute read 0 comments TheRuneLion

 Book Two is already being framed-up, meaning it's the equivalent of raw ore ripped out of the ground or the base-frame for a structure. But, that's where you start and then when the frame's done, you add, edit, polish, refine and do so in pass after...