ATTENTION; This Blog Is For Mature Adults 18 years of age and older ONLY I will keep things 'Tasteful' but relevant, just to say. I'm an Author and of course seek exposure of my work to an audience. I want to invite people to escape from the rather insane world we live in and enjoy some NON-WOKE old-fashioned beneficial escapism. Here's where you'll find sample, snippets, micro-pieces and where to purchase my stories if you wish to.

Conventional Publishing vs. WEB3

15 Jun 2023 1 minute read 0 comments TheRuneLion

 I've recently hit my tolerance limit with regards to Publishers when it comes to submitting things for consideration.  It's the staggering waste of my time that I cannot abide.  You spend months, or years, writing something, editing, polishing and p...

S 3 L 1 N 4

15 Jun 2022 2 minute read 0 comments TheRuneLion

Welcome to the world of 2082. Decades after The Global War the world is held in stalled-glaciation as Humanity continues reaching deeper into space as Earth continues it's Dystopian downward spiral. This is a world of casual crime, street-life, spl...

ALIEN: The Lander

2 Jun 2022 57 minute read 0 comments TheRuneLion

A  L  I  E  N THE LANDER The Companion Short-StoryTo ALIEN: Manticore byRL Blackburne 2017Revised & Format Corrected 2022   For James… September 15 1986 - December 26 2021 Always remembered. Never forgotten. I miss you, Brother.     “Final report of...

CYBERNOIRE; The Workaday World

25 May 2022 26 minute read 0 comments TheRuneLion

2022RL Blackburne LOS ANGIEGO, 2082SEPTEMBER    It was late afternoon under the omnipresent grey-bowl sky and fog-misted distances that shrouded and obscured the horizon colloquially known the world over as ‘The Grey’.  It had been a mildly storm-to...

Gabriel's World - The Cyberpunk World Of 2082

18 May 2022 2 minute read 0 comments TheRuneLion

  2 0 8 2 It's not Mike Pondsmith's world.  Our planet in 2082 has gone through hell and remains stalled there.  The aesthetic and story ideas are inspired--in part--by BLADE RUNNER and BLADE RUNNER; 2049 but the world and story goes in very differe...

GABRIEL - A Cyberpunk-genre streetcat's story

17 May 2022 12 minute read 0 comments TheRuneLion

  G  A  B  R  I  E  L 2022 RL Blackburne   DEDICATION  IN  MEMORIAM For and To; Brandon Lee. Much-loved… …still and always missed.     The United Nations no longer exists. The Third World War devastated the planet’s ecosystems and biosphere. Nuclear...

Erotic Fiction & Quality Stories Are Not Mutually-Exclusive

12 May 2022 2 minute read 0 comments TheRuneLion

 I write erotic fiction, and I'm as proud of that as is proper as it's not that simple a thing, despite what some think.  First, I studied a lot of random samples of erotic fiction and found a 'sameness' across the entire market. With that in mind, I...

ALIEN: Manticore - An idea running on it's own

11 Aug 2021 2 minute read 0 comments TheRuneLion

 I and a friend of mine wrote a book and I mean a BOOK set in the ALIEN universe but took things in a different, non-trope direction. It has characters that act Intelligently, it covers a lot more ground that all of the ALIEN movies put

Tolkien, TYRANT STAR and what I seek for my audience...

16 Jul 2021 1 minute read 0 comments TheRuneLion

 In Tolkien's works, he stayed well away from Allegory, and I seek the same for my works. I try to keep them within-themselves...not reflecting our world at all, except where absolutely unavoidable. Within the universe is it's OWN history and own rel...

Prologue & Excerpt: TYRANT STAR 'Sidera Sanguinem'

11 Jun 2021 4 minute read 2 comments TheRuneLion

A long time ago... ...far away across the universe. P R O L O G U E   Long ago, in the far and distant reaches across the universe, the K’Syth were the first to found an interstellar power that would encompass regions, territories, as well as thousa...