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Just a man in the world working against his own disabilities and trying to support himself by his own work and effort. I trade precious metals and will be sharing my trading method which allows a very high degree of safety as well as info about how to get

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Facebook Is Now Planning To Have Their Own Cryptocurrency!

6 May 2019 fycee

08 May 2019
Facebook is opening up a can of worms for themselves they'll wish they hadn't. They're pretty solidly hated by the entire crypto-community globally for their anti-crypto stance.

Blockchain games evolve - Introducing 8 Circuit Studios

29 Apr 2019 Joker

29 April 2019
Had a look at the game sites, added them to my bookmarks because they look like games i would at least want to try.

👙SpankChain  -  Livestreaming Sex and Crypto

13 Mar 2019 Christine

15 March 2019
I have some online female friends who cam, and I've long known what they had to put up with, so I'm glad Spank is set to change the game!

Bounty0x Distribution Report — Mar 7

7 Mar 2019 Bounty0x

10 March 2019
More Crypto to learn about. No big deal, I'm getting pretty good at learning my way around Crypto that's new to me.

Why Brave Ads Development Is Taking So Long

4 Mar 2019 littleboy

10 March 2019
I like Brave. I've been testing it out versus firefox, and I am very interested in Brave's future developments.

Why Brave Will Soon Be Among the Most Widely Used Browsers (and BAT among the most used cryptos)

1 Mar 2019 CryptoScrimper

10 March 2019
I have tried Brave and I like it a lot. firefox better step up their game if they plan to compete.

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