Lot's Cave will be missed...

By TheRuneLion | Runesrealms | 22 Feb 2024

 I found out recently that the owner and operator of Lot's Cave Publishing has passed away.
 While information is tough to get, it appears from the evidence of everything that is and is not happening that Lot's Cave was largely or entirely a one-man operation and that he passed away without anything established for the continuation of Lot's Cave after his passing.

 This means some problems with Royalties for any authors who published through Lot's Cave, as well as not being able to track sales.
Lot's Cave acted as a hub and representative for many authors. With the passing of the owner, that has seen the website become entirely nonfunctional and it completely disconnects the Royalty Settlement far as I've been able to determine.
 I again stress that getting information is challenging.
 There is one woman I engaged with via email who seems to be the one this mess got dropped onto.
 She's trying to execute a controlled shut-down, but has no signing authority over anything, she's just trying to put the website to rest and such.

 In the end, there's many questions and some answers with a few hard facts sprinkled over it all.
 But it's clear to see that this is a major problem for all authors who published through Lot's Cave.

 I will be pursuing the only course I can; Re-releasing everything I published through Lot's Cave on my own via my Deviantart account.
 It's the only real option I have and allows me direct-control over things which is to my liking.
 Also, it lets me fix some issues with the cover art on some previously-released works that really bothered me.

 For entertainment value, below are the covers 'as-they-are' and the work-in-progress prototype for one of the covers I am putting together for the re-releases.

Thank-you for reading and please visit my Deviantart Galleries where you can find beautiful and terrifying cityscapes in the realms of fantasy as well as some teasers for The Lovecraft Investigations Agency.

~RL Blackburne

These two pieces of cover-art below are my former Publishers work.
It's pretty easy to see why I dislike these cover-art pieces as they both look cringingly amateurish.
They also make the books seem as if they are aimed at young teens and pre-teens.

Which Is NOT The Intended Audience At All !!!
Also, 'TYPHONR' is a Mis-Spelling of what the title is supposed to be.

Basically, these covers felt like a direct insult aimed at me and my work.
Still, Lot's Cave will be missed, I had an overall good relationship with the owner.




This image below is the w.i.p. 'prototype' of the cover for 'CYBERNOIRE'.
I am of the opinion my work speaks for itself.
Gritty, Urban, Aimed at a Mature Adult Audeience.

It took quite some time getting the image of the primary character
'just right'.
I am working on building a better 'chrome-reflective' looking font, once that's done, I'll complete the cover.



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