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By TheRuneLion | Runesrealms | 19 Jan 2024

 Hello all, and Thank-You for stopping by to read this. I will try to adhere to brevity yet keep the salient points without giving too much away.

 I have been experimenting with a.i. art, and hold the Rights to all my creations. I started it as a way of producing my own Cover Art for my books and just in-general but an idea popped up the other night.

 An NFT type Collectible Card Game, more than one now, two in total.

 I am-as yet-unsure how to work the NFT idea into it properly, but it is very early days yet for this idea. More thought is needed and learning.

 A couple of Character Concept roughs are shown.

Top = Game One-01
Bottom = Game Two-01



 I've been testing the 'Desirability' of my art on social media and people do like what I create, and my ability to work with a.i. continues to grow as I continue to learn. A friend plays Magic in both Real-World games and online, collects cards and thus I have become aware of Collectible Card Games over the decades. Other friends, now passed from this world, were involved in others and from them I learned much as well.

 I am at the very earliest stages, and am asking myself;

 'How does this game work mechanically?'

 I have some ideas, and one of them is that it can be played in Cooperative or Combative/Conflictive Modes. Iam aiming to keep it so the smallest game only needs two players, but it does work better with three.

 The general theme in Game One-01 is 'Exploration and Combat', not one or the other. The Precept is the Characters/Cards are lost in a Lovecraftian world where threats and danger lurk everywhere and can come about at any time from the whims of fate while they seek a way to return home. It will have two modes; Cooperative or Conflictive so the playing group can tailor the 'tone' to their liking...helping or hindering each other in a very frightening reality where nothing is as it seems.

 Game Two-01 is tongue-in-cheek and somewhat of a satire of 'Star Wars' but very much it's own reality in a separate Galaxy a tiny little bit further than; 'far, far away'. It's a world where two of the primary elements are Milfs and Waifus.
 TRY to tell me that a Dark Side Milf isn't going to be a lot of naughty fun. lol
 Male characters will be very well-able to hold their own, I am NOT interested in the modern 'message' about 'women are uber-superior and men are useless comedy-relief at best'.
 If you like that, then check out Disney, they have reams of that kind of rot.

 I'm just out to create something fun, a little 'naughty' that people can play and entertain themselves with. I have no aspirations of achieving 'Magic; The Gathering' levels...I want to keep this idea 'Boutique'; independent and NON-Corporate.
 I have a lot of thinking, researching, learning and then decision-making ahead but I think these games have a properly decent fighting-chance of seeing the light of day and hitting the shelves.


 Thank-you for reading, I do appreciate it!!

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