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By TheRuneLion | Runesrealms | 4 Feb 2024

 One of the very best things about a.i. art is that it lets people like me--who cannot do better than drawing a stick-figure--closely model characters we have in our imaginations.

 After a lifetime of frustration at not being able to do so, it's incredibly and stunningly liberating!

 There's also this;
 Being able to produce things that people might very well want to collect as NFT's.
 Which is an option that Authors have never had before regarding the art used for the covers of their books or that which is at-times included in the body of the book.
 Authors can now create their own cover and interior art and market it on it's own!!

 I'm something of a detail-oriented type and recently went through all the sci-fi paperbacks I have and compared cover-art to story content...only one matched up; The Martian Chronicles...and only due to that printing being tied-in to the made-for-tv miniseries of the time and used a still from the miniseries.

 I WILL have cover art for my works that does tie-in to the story content. It's important to me and I suspect there are others out there who feel the same as I do; That the cover-art should connect properly to the story.

 Without further delay, a question;

 In the included pics (samples of one of the two main characters in a book I will be releasing sooner as opposed to later)
 'Were you to find yourself stranded on a desolate, anciently war-devastated world and could choose for companionship between 3PO and R2, Robbie The Robot, or the character as shown below in the Concept Art pics...
 ...what would you choose??'

 Thank-you for reading and I hope you enjoyed the pics and had some fun with the question.
 Despite the character's appearance this is an entirely Science Fiction story without any trace nor touch of anything 'Supernatural'. The a.i. wasn't too keen on listening to me about a properly scifi background nor a 'High-tech Survival Suit'.

 ~RL Blackburne


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