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You will never lose your PC driver

By nicklaus | Publish0x | 19 Nov 2020

Hello friends, I'm sure that if you have restored the operating system from 0, you have thought about how to reinstall the drivers of my computer, or how to save them to be able to install it in a new operating system

Often this can be one of the circumstances for not reinstalling an operating system, for fear of losing the drivers and your computer not working optimally

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Today I'm going to talk about a program that can make our lives easier if we talk about this particular issue, is very easy to use and this way you will not have problems when reinstalling a new operating system

The program I am going to talk about is called double driver, and it is so easy to use that anyone without knowledge could use it without any problem

Aprender Es Fácil: Double Driver

Link to download the program

Once downloaded the program from the link I just left, it is so easy to click on the program, since there is no need to install it

Once opened, we will have the following window



To make a copy of all the drivers on your computer, just click on the backup tab, and then click on the scan current system tab


Once clicked on scam current system, will appear selected all the drivers and drivers that are not Windows, because when you install the operating system again, this already has included the drivers, if you want to have the drivers of the operating system just click on the tab select and then all


There is very little left, to be able to make the backup of your drivers, you just have to click on the tab backup new


Here we have 3 options:

1- Here you will make a backup and save it in a normal folder

2 - Here you will make a backup in a compressed file

3 - Here you will make a backup and save it in an executable file

Where it says destination, is where you save the file you have selected, in my opinion it is better the second and third option, and then click on restore drivers, to decompress the files will appear each executable for installation, so it is much easier to install

I hope you like this little tutorial on how to save your computer drivers and have them well stored, in case at some point you need to format your hard drive and reinstall the operating system again

Si le cayó agua a tu laptop, entérate cómo salvarla


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