I like ETH for Publishox?

By nicklaus | Publish0x | 6 Sep 2020

We already know that this platform does not stop growing, both at the professional and user level, and this leads to bring and have more innovations within this

It is easy to understand the operation when you start, and since its inception within the platform we have had different Cryptos to win within it

But that doesn't mean, that the platform has to marry a Crypto in general, can you make some money on the platform?

A resounding yes, and for that you first have to be patient, learn from the best and little by little you will see that your publications on the platform increase their value

Crear valor, no sólo reducción de costes - Garrido Fresh Mentoring

That is the idea that we all have when entering the platform, and we have the easiest way ever seen, giving a totally free tip, to a user who writes a publication that we like

And now we have the famous ETH coin

But of course, to bring this currency, we had to do without one that we already had, and I am also talking about the famous DAI currency

But this publication is to say whether or not I like the ETH coin on the platform, and truthfully and to be honest I like it, it is a coin with a much greater value than Dai

Is having a coin with a much higher value than others good or bad for Publishxo?

For my part I think it's something very good, it is often said that in a medieval market, people who are in a stall, attracts more people

With this happens the same thing, by having a currency of a great value, it attracts many more users to the platform, more users publishing, and therefore a greater publicity for the platform, and I believe that this is exactly what makes this platform more interesting to the others

Having the option, to win ETH in a much easier way and never vita attracts people, but we must also think, that brings more people want to publish on the platform, so we would have a greater number of wanting to withdraw the profits that each user is having

And just last Sunday, I was planning to withdraw mine

But I said to myself, wait a little, be patient and save as much as possible before taking it out

And then I saw, that the withdrawals of this week have had to be delayed by a considerable increase in gas in order to be able to withdraw the coins.

What I think, as everything that goes up has to come down, so don't worry, because if you are worried about whether you can or not, we have before us a platform that is first transparent, and they are always trying to make the platform a much more comfortable and better place to be on it

Some solutions have already been given to be able to make all the withdrawals, and keep in mind one thing, while you are reading this article I am preparing another article of another solution that has not been mentioned, and I hope to have it soon and check if this solution could be viable

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You can follow me on  PUBLISH0X

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