Crypto coins are here to stay

By nicklaus | Publish0x | 7 Sep 2020

Today there are millions of transactions from one currency to another, either from bitcoin to Dai, Dai to euro and so on, and this is already a fact that there are thousands of people saving big fortunes thanks to digital currency

But there is also a kind of war between these coins and the banks

In Spain, several banks would be closing accounts to clients associated with the use or trade of cryptomonies. In particular, the banks BBVA, Pibank and Bankia would be applying this action against traders of crypto currencies in the European country, according to the testimony of an affected person who preferred to remain anonymous

The crypto coin dealer we talked to explained that these affected people trade bitcoins on the referred peer-to-peer exchange platform from Spanish territory. Furthermore, he claims that these are operations monitored by the Central Bank itself. "All the operations are registered in Spain, since they are not external banks"

This practice began in November of last year

Bitcoins y otras criptodivisas - Blog del Banco Santander

Several years have passed since the appearance of Bitcoin in our lives, and since then thousands and thousands of different crypto-currencies have come to light

And from the beginning, people had a lot of mistrust about money that had a certain value, but that you couldn't physically touch

Then came the BOOM, the Bitcoin began to rise its value like foam, reaching historical values of almost 20,000 euros per coin, something unthinkable when this currency came to light

La Historia de Bitcoin – Parte 1: En El Comienzo | Criptomonedas e ICOs

Today there are already thousands of companies that not only like this world, but also accept crypto currencies as a means of payment


Chollovape - Tienda Online de Cigarrillos Electrónicos España

Chollovape is a warehouse and online store of electronic cigarettes in Spain. It is the first Spanish website that accepts crypto-currencies as a payment method through Coinbase Comerce.


STARBUCKS, Sevilla - Avenida de la Constitucion 36 - Menú, Precios y  Restaurante Opiniones - Tripadvisor

The biggest chain of coffee shops in the world and one of the most successful unicorns of all times, already accepts in many places of the orb, the payment with crypto coins



is a fashion company from Logroño (Spain) created by the designer Mireya Rioja Armatta, specialized in the design and customization of wedding and guest dresses.

It also manufactures accessories in natural alpaca fiber from the Andes, such as scarves, hats, ponchos, turbans, earrings and bracelets, and also incorporates this prized fabric as part of its collections.

He also designs hygienic masks of many styles as well as ceremony masks for communions, weddings and events, and personalized corporate masks for companies.

In the online store you can buy products and pay with cryptomoney.

  • And so an endless number of companies that today, have knelt down to the trend of crypto-currencies
  • What will be waiting for us in the next few years on the world of crypto-currencies
  • Will it become the only universal currency as a form of payment?
  • You can leave your opinion in the comments

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