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The first crypto-currency to surpass the bitcoin

By nicklaus | Publish0x | 13 Sep 2020

This will be a short publication but with clear example that nowadays, any crypto currency has the possibilities to surpass the prices by sale, from the famous to the bitcoin

And to be honest with you, I regret not having found it before and not investing in it, because the profit I would have had today, would have been very big

This is the new golden girl, which has managed to surpass Bitcoin in its price per unit (YFI) dobla el precio de Bitcoin - CRIPTO TENDENCIA


From only a couple of months of life, it has already achieved a rise of a total of 2,600% and you will agree with me, which is not something you see every day

Could there be anything good and salvageable in all this noise? 

That's the idea of all this, I guess. In other words, the whole crypto ecosystem is supposed to be created for the purpose of providing an alternative and independent space in terms of finance.

We always have a boom. But it's not always the same. I mean, the wave comes and the wave goes. They are a kind of passing love. They are eternal until they end. Today is DeFi. But yesterday it was the IEOs and the day before yesterday it was the ICOs. And before that it was something else. We're always alternating fashions, but there's always one. Seasonal revolutions. They grow in the madness and explode in the madness. After the euphoria, comes the great pool of blood.

The question is, what will be the next, will this particular currency continue to increase in value, that's something that nobody knows but that you can predict, but you will never know for sure, this is like playing the lottery, you bet on one waiting for it to reach the moon, sometimes you can win, sometimes you can lose, and I'm not saying that it's bad, on the contrary, there are thousands of people making great fortunes with this type of business

At the moment of writing this article, this is the price indicated in coingecko


And if you were lucky enough to have just one coin of this, this would have been your gain



Its flagship service is automatic yield farming that moves funds between other DeFi platforms. So, we could say that Yearn Finance is the best of all worlds. Aggregate liquidity, leveraged trading, and automated market maker

Many companies with large sums of money, create a token, and their fame and money to launch ICOs. These go to an exchange, which are then sold by people who have bet on that currency, and that's just what capitalizes the market for this, can raise or lower the value of the currency, hoping that the owners of these coins, the next day are in a large sum of money

Now I ask you

What do you think will be the next coin to go up so much in value?

I invite you to leave your opinion in the comment box


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