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lrc in Coinbase is now official

By nicklaus | Publish0x | 18 Sep 2020


This will be a short publication, as a piece of information

Yes, you heard right, at this moment you can already trade this crypto currency in one of the biggest exchanges in the world called Coinbase

We have seen how in a very short time this currency has been rising in value per currency, so I think it is very possible that it has not yet reached its maximum with respect to today's price, so I think it will continue to rise

would now be compatible with Loopring (LRC) and (YFI) on and the Coinbase applications for Android and iOS. LRC and FYI were made available in all Coinbase supported regions, with the exception of New York, USA. The announcement was made almost a week after Coinbase Pro was released for YFI and LRC.

If you have an account in Coinbase, you can already try commercial with these incredible coins, both lrc and the famous coin that has managed to surpass bitcoin by doubling its price

If you didn't know this news about this coin that has surpassed the bitcoin, I leave you another post I made on this subject

The first crypto-currency to surpass the bitcoin


Loopring LRC, today with the price of LRC rising 11,64% in the last 24 hours


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