Publish0x Q1 2021 Report: $FARM and $iFARM, #KuCoin Integration, Growth, Site Updates and More...

By igort | Publish0x Official Blog | 9 Apr 2021

It's time for our quarterly platform update. Here's what's been going on with Publish0x in the first three months of 2021. Here's what the report covers:

  1. New Tipping Token(s) Integrated.
  2. High Gas Fees and KuCoin Integration.
  3. Platform Updates.
  4. Contests, Contests, and More Contests!
  5. 3x Monthly Payout Reports.
  6. Publish0x Growth in Q1 2021.


1. New Tipping Token(s).


In mid-January, we've added $FARM from Harvest.Finance, an automated Yield Farming DeFi Protocol that farms the highest yields available on the market while saving you gas fees and management while earning you some of their FARM token on top!

Just a week ago, we've switched tipping tokens from $FARM for $iFARM. $iFARM is another Harvest.Finance token, one that makes more sense for us to give out, because:

  • $FARM must be deposited in Profit Sharing Pool to earn yield farming revenue, while $iFARM does NOT need to be deposited in Profit Sharing Pool to entitle you to yield farming revenue, PLUS it can be deposited into other DeFi platforms.
  • iFARM is worth more than FARM. This means that you've automatically got more value in $ terms than you previously did!
  • On top of that, it costs nearly 50% less in gas fees to interact with services of Harvest Finance when using $iFARM, compared to when using $FARM.


We strongly believe that tips in $iFARM make more sense and work better for you. However, even though things move very quickly in crypto, and in DeFi especially, we realize that not giving you a choice to withdraw $FARM tokens, even when $FARM tokens are worth less and have lower utility, was not ideal. It is something that we will be much more mindful of going into the future.


2. High Gas Fees and KuCoin Integration.


Gas fees are a killer. When we sent a payout in late January, and later done the math, we realized that we've paid more in gas, than we sent to you. This should make little sense to anyone.

We are eagerly waiting for ETH 2.0, and more realistically a solid ETH Layer 2 solution. But, something had to be done to alleviate at least some of the pain points we both feel due to gas.

Thus, we've introduced withdrawals of ETH and AMPL tokens to KuCoin directly.

  • Withdrawals to KuCoin directly are sent weekly, while on-chain withdrawals are sent on a monthly basis.
  • Withdrawals to KuCoin have a minimum withdrawal amount of $0.5 per token, while on-chain withdrawals have a minimum withdrawal of $5. This is due to gas fees.
  • Note that KuCoin does not support $FARM or $iFARM tokens, so we will be sending these twice per month on-chain, while the minimum withdrawal amount is set at $2.

You can see the payout schedule and other payout details on this page.


3. Platform Updates.


As always, there are multiple updates to Publish0x. Here are some I'd like to highlight:


3.1. Download a .csv file of all of the payouts that Publish0x has sent you.


If you are curious to know how much of each token you've withdrawn from Publish0x, and when, then you will love this option. To download a .csv file that contains a list of payouts, tokens sent, and token amounts sent to you from Publish0x, navigate to the Payouts Page and click on the "Download All Payouts Received" link that is seen right next to you 'Payouts History'.


3.2. 3 Updates to Comments.


We've made three small updates to comments on the platform. Specifically:

  • You can now disable the ability for users to comment under your post. You can enable this setting even after the post is published, though note that in that case, the already existing comments will not be removed.
  • If you have enabled the setting, when someone comments on your post or replies to your comment, you'll get an email from us about this. Now, by clicking on the link within the email takes you directly to that comment, instead of just to the top of the comments section of the post. If there are many comments, you don't need to sort through them to find the one you want to see.
  • If you visit a users profile, you can see their activity on Publish0x, which includes being able to see what comments they've made on the platform. By clicking on a specific comment, much like the above, the link will take you directly to that comment, instead of just to the top of the comments section of the post.


3.3. Posting Limit for Authors: 2 Posts per 24 Hours.


We've introduced a limit for authors, who can now publish two posts per 24 hours. If you need a higher limit, drop a simple email to [email protected]

We've done this because many new authors tend to copy posts from sites like CoinDesk and similar. We routinely remove these posts that are published without permission of the copyright holder (usually it's either the website, or the post author), but before we can get to removing these posts, they earn tips. This means that authors who play by the rules miss out on some earnings.


3.4. Minor Changes Means More Stats.


  • You can now see your balance that is currently available for withdrawal directly from your Dashboard. Look at the column "Available", under "Token Earnings", on this page. There, you can also see your lifetime earnings on Publish0x, as well as how much you've earned in this month alone.
  • If you go to Your Posts page, and look at your Published posts, you will notice more detailed stats are showing under the title of each post.
  • Finally, by going to a users profile, and checking their posts, you can now see the $ estimate of how much the post has earned in crypto.


3.5. Ambassador Tracking IDs Improved.


If you like to add TIDs to be able to identify sources of traffic that click on your ambassador links the most, you'll love this option: You are now able to hide TIDs from being displayed in your Ambassador's Dashboard, making it easier for you to see and compare only the TIDs you want to be seeing.


4. Contests, Contests, and More Contests!


Contests are a big hit. You love them, the sponsors love them, and we love them! Here's an overview of the 10 contests we've held so far this year, and some feedback around the contests.

PS. We have two contests planned that will start in the next few days:

1. Guess AMPL Rebase Round 5.

2. An FARM + BSC Writing Contest and Twitter Giveaway.


Here are the contests we've organized so far in 2021:


1. 3x Monthly Ambassador's Contest in 2021.

In the Monthly Ambassador's Contest, Publish0x ambassadors compete to refer the most new active users to Publish0x each month, are ongoing. Here are the announcement posts for the winners of January's and February's Ambassador contests.


2. #Publish0xWinterMeme Twitter Meme Creation Contest.

#Publish0xWinterMeme was a twitter based, meme creation contest was completed in January. This was a fun contest that many of you took part in.


3. 2x Guess AMPL Rebase and 1x Guess FARM APY Contests.

  • We've organized two 'Guess AMPL Rebase' contests in 2021. The premise of this contest is that you have to guess what the rebase of AMPL will be on a specific day. You can see how this contests look like, and who the winners were here: Guess AMPL Rebase Round 3, and Round 4.
  • How the contest 'Guess FARM APY' looked, a contest where users needed to guess the APY of one of strategies on FARM on a specific day, can be seen here.

Each of these competitions received 400-700 twitter comment entries, 100 - 150 retweets, and have engaged 1,000s of users on Twitter.


4. Writing Contest: #CropSpotter.

For this writing contest and Twitter giveaway based around the Harvest.Finance $FARM token, we've given away $1,020 in FARM rewards. There were around 40 posts submitted into this contest.


5. #UplandPublish0x Contest and Giveaway.

The #UplandPublish0x contest has had a high participation rate, and well over 100 posts participated for the prizes. We've given away $1,230 in ETH Rewards to the winners of this contest.

Feedback we've gotten is that 1,362 new players have tried Upland as a result of this contest! Upland is a fun game, so give it a try from here.


6. #SearchWithPresearch Writing Contest and Twitter Giveaway.

#SearchWithPresearch contest was just finished. And wow did you guys love it - almost 200 posts were entered into this contest! That is why we've given out $1,200 in ETH Rewards.

2,356 users have decided to use our link and try out Presearch! If you haven't yet, try Presearch out for yourself (and get 25 PRE tokens). It's wroth it. :)


5. 3x Monthly Payout Reports.


I've started publishing our Monthly Payout Reports recently. In these reports I've highlighted how much of each token we've sent to our users, to how many users we've sent them, and what the $ value of each payout was. So far, in 2021 we've given out:

*Note: We calculate the $ value of the tokens we send, at the day that we send them.


6. Publish0x Growth in Q1 2021: >25% More Users!

Grow Black Lives Matter GIF by Shalita Grant

Growth of Publish0x in Q1 2021 has been slow, and steady. We've seen significant growth in user numbers, author numbers and the number of author applicants, as well as in the number of tips given out, and in a few other areas of the site; the traffic reported by Google Analytics remains at roughly the same levels per month, in each of the last five months.


6.1. User Growth - Over 25% More Active Users!


There's over 25% more users, and also over 25% more active monthly users using Publish0x (the number of users who tip posts), when compared to the number of active users shown in our last report (the 2020 year in review report). That's always a good sign.


6.2. Google Analytics Data.


We've seen a significant increase in traffic between October and November last year, and it's been stable since. gets about 5.8 Million pageviews per month.


6.3. Stats.


Our rank however is about the highest we've ever seen it.


6.4. Over 1 Million Tipps Tipped to Posts Each Month.


December 2020 was the first month where there were over 1 Million tips tipped to posts. Between January and March this year, you guys have given out over 1.15 Million tips per month, each month.

It's worth noting that even though one user can make a total of seven tips per day, there were over 2,163,210 tips given to posts in $AMPL, and over 1,181,395 tips given to posts in $FARM, since the tokens were integrated for tipping at the end of November, and integrated for tipping in January, respectively.


Finally, I'd like to feature Publish0x social channels:


I hope you've enjoyed reading this update!








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