guess ampl rebase twitter contest round 3

Guess #AMPL Rebase Competition - Round 3: $200 in $AMPL Rewards!

By igort | Publish0x Contests | 19 Jan 2021

UPDATE: January 24th 2021: We have our winners!

AMPL had a negative rebase of -0.8726 on the 22nd at 2AM UTC. Here are the users who got the closes guesses!


After Round 1, and then Round 2, now it's time for Round 3 of Guess that AMPL Rebase!


guess ampl rebase round 3


You know the drill by now... but if not, this is how you can participate in Round 3 of Guess that AMPL Rebase Contest:

1. Reply to this tweet with what % you guess the rebase will be on Friday, January 22nd at 2AM UTC (2AM UTC is rebase time!).
2. Your guess has to be % to at least 3 decimal places (or more), even if the last number is a 0 (zero).
3. Last guess that we will count for this contest has to be made by 6 PM UTC on Thursday, January 21st**. Convert the time to your time zone here, or simply count down the time to the rebase here.
4. One guess per user is allowed.

*Note: If rebase is 0.000%, then we count the next days rebase, until we have either a positive or a negative rebase. If there is no rebase on Friday, January 22nd, at 2AM UTC, the contest rolls over to the next day.

**If the above is the case and there is no rebase, we do accept new entries into the contest, as long as the guess is made by 6 PM UTC, at least 8 hours before the rebase occurs.

Note: If there's a tie, the reward will be split between multiple users.


Yesterday there was no rebase, and today the outlook looks very positive. Our guess for Friday, January 22nd, 2am UTC? A positive 1.572% AMPL rebase. Check full rebase history here.



How Can You Know That We Actually Pay the Winners?

We've tweeted out to the winners of Round 1, and Round 2 of this contest. You can see our original tweets and replies to them below:

Further, we've not missed a payout date to Publish0x users since we've started in late 2018. You can see the transaction hashes of payouts we make to our users who earn crypto for reading and writing, by clicking here.



Find out more about Ampleforth and $AMPL here:

Calculate your AMPLs worth over time here:


Earn $AMPL (as well as $ETH and $FARM) just for Reading and Writing - start with Publish0x here.



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