Guess the Profit Share of Harvest.Finance APY - 1 $FARM ($350 value) Rewards!

Guess the Profit Share of Harvest.Finance APY - 1 $FARM ($350 value) Rewards!

By Igor Tomić | Publish0x Contests | 19 Feb 2021

UPDATE 24th February 2021 - We've Got 2 Winners!

Harvest.Finance team has given us the number: $FARM Profit Sharing Pool APY on Monday, 22nd of February, at 1PM UTC was 51.60860333%.

Here are our winners who have won 0.5 $FARM each... congratulations to both of you, and thank you all for participating!



PS. We've reached out to our winners via DM, so that they can claim their prizes!



Wooohooo - a NEW Twitter Guessing Contest is upon us. I'll send 0.5 $FARM (worth $150) to 2 chads who:

1. Follow (so that we won't miss your answer).

2. Guess the APY of Harvest.Finance $FARM Profit Sharing Pool (on Monday the 22nd of February at 1PM UTC, by replying to this tweet.

3. Guess has to be % to 2 decimal places. My guess: 105.55%

4. Your guess has to be made by the deadline on Sunday, 21st of February at 1PM UTC. Convert the time to your time zone here.

5. One guess per user is allowed.

6. IMPORTANT! We're getting hundreds of guesses made on these contests, and Twitter may not show us all of the replies. If we didn't "heart" or "like" your reply on Twitter, it means we did not see it and it's not counted. In that case please DM us before the contest ends to make sure that your guess is counted.



  • We will be paying the winners ON-chain (directly to your ETH address), a day or two after the contest ends.

  • We will contact the winners via DM on Twitter. ALL are welcome to participate!

  • If multiple users have the same best (closest or correct) guess, the rewards will be split between them.
  • Tweet to reply under with your guess:

  • You can find the history of APYs via and heading over to PS APY chart.
  • We have the final say in interpreting the rules.


How Can You Know That We Actually Pay the Winners?


We've held four similar contests before. Here, we've tweeted out to the winners of Round 1,Round 2, Round 3, and Round 4 of the contests. In the posts, you can see our original tweets and replies to them.

Further, we've not missed a payout date to Publish0x users since we've started in late 2018. You can see the transaction hashes of payouts we make to our users who earn crypto for reading and writing, by clicking here.


Earn $FARM (as well as $ETH and $AMPL) just for Reading and Writing - start with Publish0x here.

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