February Publish0x Ambassadors Leaderboards Contest Completed: $210 in AMPL Rewarded to Top 25 Ambassadors!

February Publish0x Ambassadors Leaderboards Contest Completed: $210 in AMPL Rewarded to Top 25 Ambassadors!

By Igor Tomić | Publish0x Contests | 25 Mar 2021

Thank you to all of our ambassadors for spreading the word about Publish0x and for referring new users to join the platform! It's time to reward those of you who have referred the most active* new users to Publish0x in February 2021. :)

*I feel this needs clearing up: For the Leaderboards Contest, only users who you refer and who pass the minimum activity threshold are counted. We do not give an exact definition of what the minimum activity threshold is, in order to mitigate fraud.

However, you will still get 5% of all the tips all of your referrals tip to posts on Publish0x, lifetime. This does not take 5% of the earnings your referrals make by tipping - they make the same amount in tips no matter in which manner they've registered, with or without an ambassador link.


As this announcement is coming a bit later than usual, and past the stated deadline - the 20th of the month - we've decided to throw in 10 extra $5 in AMPL rewards. This means that top 25, and not just top 15, ambassadors were rewarded for a total of $210 in AMPL!


Here are the Ambassadors Leaderboards Winners for February 2021:

Congratulations to the winners! Thank you all for taking part in this, and I wish many of you to have better luck next time.



The $210 in AMPL Rewards Were Rewarded as Follows:



  • 1st place: $40 in AMPL.
  • 2nd place: $30 in AMPL.
  • 3rd place: $20 in AMPL.
  • 4th and 5th place: $10 in AMPL.
  • 6th to 25th place: $5 in AMPL.


All of the rewards have been added to the accounts of the winners of February's Ambassadors Leaderboards Contest (those you can see in the screenshot above). We're paying out AMPL on Monday!

You can see the transaction hashes of all of the payouts coming form us, by visiting this link: https://etherscan.io/address/0xF9879bB3230f86fFCebcA652C5FB6Ec4504309be#tokentxns


What is the Ambassadors Leaderboards Monthly Contest, and How to Participate?



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