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$350 in #AMPL Rewarded: Winners of #Publish0xWinterMeme Twitter Meme Creation Contest Announced!

By igort | Publish0x Contests | 13 Jan 2021

Thank you all for participating in the #Publish0xWinterMeme contest. Publish0x team and I loved your entries, many of them made me chuckle, and I wish that all users could get a reward.

But some are luckier than others...

Still, we've had to give out 15 additional $10 in AMPL rewards, on top of the 10x $20 in AMPL rewards!


Thank you all for participating, and congratulations to all of the winners!


#Publish0xWinterMeme Winners - $20 in AMPL Each!



hashmkt has submitted a classic Doge meme and added a Publish0x winter twist - and we love it!


Chris Roberts has created one of my favorite memes. Thank you!



Lazyluna678 deservedly won a prize with this clever meme.



And Tima has made this wonderful drawing and made it a meme. Thanks!



kebwesi has made multiple wonderful memes, but this one might be the best.



Thank you StackingCats for this genuinely funny meme!



EliteHodler shows us how being an author and a reader on Publish0x are both good, win-win options!



Drvinjez118 has been among the winners in the last meme contest, and he's deservedly done it again!



maurolegal92 has put a fun twist on something no one likes - when users go out of their way to ask for tips.



remo has made a meme to show the growth of Publish0x since we've started - and we loved it. :)



#Publish0xWinterMeme - Even More Winners - $10 in AMPL Each!



PVMihalache has submitted a lot of good entries, but I really loved this one personally! Classic.



MrCoingrats has published this interesting meme!



Thank you for these great gif(t)s BryRi!


paragism has a message for those of you wondering 'when altseason'. This makes a good meme too!



Snow Under Sun seems to enjoy GoT, Publish0x, and memes. :)



Cryptonator`s meme was one of those that made me chuckle, and it deserved a reward.



Aborek, thank you for this submission!



Ryryry143 makes a good case why you should tip more to authors!


Mynima, I hope that this is the case for many of us in the Publish0x community!


Mychoice can't wait to use his next tip. :)



BsdFish has submitted this cute meme!



The Part Time Economist has created another meme that has made me laugh inside. :)



Veerabhadra lives up to his Twitter username - he truly is a Memepanther!



Bossbaby shows us what it means when an image for your meme is well chosen.



NoorAr is the last, but not least of the winners!



How are the Winners Paid?


Rewards in AMPL were already added to the accounts of all of users who have won an award in the contest.


We've sent all of the winners a DM on Twitter, asking for their Publish0x username. In this post, we've linked both the users Publish0x accounts, and their Twitter accounts. You can view the winning memes on Twitter by clicking on the images you will be taken to their tweets.


Congratulations to the winners and a HUGE thank you to all who have participated!






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igort Official Team Member

Publish0x COO. Interested in Cryptos and Blockchain, Travel, Basketball and Hiking.

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