Monthly Ambassador Contest, Likes and Dislikes, Sorting Algorithm and More - Publish0x Jan - Feb / Q1 2020 Update

Monthly Ambassador Contest, Likes and Dislikes, Sorting Algorithm and More - Publish0x Jan - Feb / Q1 2020 Update

It's been a while since I've published an update. We've been growing so fast that other things took precedence over sharing an update. But, here it is, this is what we've been up to and working on in the past two, two and a half months or so.


1. Ongoing Monthly Competition: Ambassador Leaderboards.

publish0x leaderboards

Ambassador Leaderboards is an ongoing monthly competition in which we reward ambassadors who refer the most new (and active) users to

You can learn more about the Ambassador Leaderboard Monthly Contest by clicking here.


We've already sent rewards to our ambassadors who have referred the most new users in January, and then again in February.

Join now! Start participating in the monthly ambassador leaderboards - check the current standing here - grab your referral link from the Ambassadors Area by clicking here.


2. Banners and Website Widgets for Affiliates.


We have added both Banners and customisable widgets which you can export with your affiliate ID inside.

On the widget page, you can pick either tags or blogs which you wish to show in a feed, as seen in the image above.


As these tags / blogs get added to from any user across the Publish0x network your widget will update with new articles - these can be your own articles - all embedded with your affiliate ID, and the code is easy to grab and integrate with your website.


Here is the image of how this can look like on your website. For this image, I've decided to show 6 posts tagged with the tag "Publish0xTutorials":

publish0x widgets


Grab your widgets and integrate them with your website (with your ambassadors link automatically inserted), from here:


3. Thumbs up / Thumbs Down Button.

thumbs up and down

Under each post, and under comments, you will be able to either upvote or downvote a post or a comment.


This addition to Publish0x has had a lot of both positive and negative comments, and it is here to stay.


For now, comments under the articles are sorted by likes or dislikes. Comments that are most liked end up on top, while those disliked fall to the bottom of the page.

Likes and dislikes on posts can do something other than show the author how much (or little) his efforts are appreciated. But other than that, these will likely be a small part of our post sorting algorithm. More on the algorithm below.


4. Post Sorting Algorithm.


We have pushed out an algorithm to sort posts on It is currently in the test phase. We strive to create a balanced and fair post sorting algorithm, one that will reward authors who continuously publish good quality content, while still give a good chance for new authors to show their skills.

This algorithm is a work in progress. We are continually working on and improving the algorithm, monitoring the results in the real world, as well as listening to your feedback - and taking it seriously.

Multiple things are affecting the way posts are sorted right now. I won't go into any detail on this, at least not in this post.

5. Apart from the bigger updates mentioned above, these are a few of the smaller updates worth mentioning.

warning about deleting a comment

There were numerous small updates to the site, that most people don't even notice. Here are a few updates that I feel are worth mentioning:

Warning before you delete a comment - either your own, or one published under your post by a different author.

This feature has been requested, as it was easy to accidentally delete someones comment made under your own post.


Social Sharing Widgets were added to the mobile version of the site - find them at the bottom of each post.


sharing posts from phone

Another feature that was requested, that we should have added long ago, was the ability to share posts directly from the mobile device.

This feature is available on desktops. From your desktop or laptop, you should see the social sharing links to the left of any post.

We are now suggesting posts that you may be interested in, after you've made a tip.

relevant posts

When you make a tip, you will now see a selection of three posts that we believe are worth your time. This can help you find good posts more easily.


6. Publish0x Growth in January and February 2020.

60000 registered users image

You can see live stats, like the total number of tips, or the number of users joining Publish0x each day, by clicking here.


Near the end of February, Publish0x has welcomed 60,000th registered account - that is about two times the number when compared to end of December 2019!


This growth is clearly reflected in our Google Analytics too:

publish0x analytics


And our rank is holding up pretty well... we are yet to join the company of other of the 20,000 most visited websites in the world.

publish0x stats

7.What to Expect from Publish0x in the Near Future?



In the End of Year - 2019 in Review post, I've outlined that you can expect the following from Publish0x in the mid to long term:

  • 1. More Tutorials on How to Use the Platform.
  • 2. Ambassador Leaderboards.
  • 3. Notifications Revamp (and UX Revamp).
  • 4. Ability to Send Bigger Tips to Authors.
  • 5. Widgets.
  • 6. More Writing Contests on Publish0x.
  • 7. Bigger Rewards for performing certain actions. This is still in the idea stage, but it is coming. Some examples of actions one will be able to take to receive bigger rewards might be getting a bigger tip for logging in a set number of consecutive days, or getting a bigger tip for simply using the Brave Browser.


Where are we now, and whats to come in the near future?

We have held a Writing Contest in hopes that our authors would be inspired and write tutorials on how to use Publish0x - and there were some good posts in the Publish0x Tutorials contest!

Then, the Ambassador Leaderboards and Widgets are completed and working, as seen earlier in this post.

Right now, we are working on the ability for users to pay to feature posts, as well as to send bigger tips to other users. We hope to have this at least partially complete in the following two to three weeks.

Finally, we have a new Writing Contest planned, and will most likely announce it in the following week or two.



Special note: Apart from Publish0x Official Telegram Group, you can now join the community moderated Publish0x Ambassadors Group on Telegram.


I hope you've enjoyed reading this update.




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