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Publish0x in 2019 - A Year in Review - Exponential Growth and What to Expect in 2020

By igort | Publish0x Official Blog | 29 Dec 2019

Publish0x has celebrated a birthday a couple months ago, and it is the end of 2019. A perfect time to review what has happened in 2019, and what to expect from us in 2020.

In this post I'll go over:

  • Publish0x Growth in 2019.
  • Why Dozens of Crypto Project Teams are Blogging on Publish0x (and Why You Should Too)!
  • Biggest Changes in 2019.
  • What to Expect from Publish0x in 2020.
  • Fun Moments in 2019.


-- Publish0x Growth in 2019. --

piggy cat publish0x image

Here's how the growth of Publish0x looked like in 2019.



1. [Growth] An 100x Increase in User Numbers.

30000 accounts on Publish0x celebration picture

The first user to register on Publish0x did so on 9th of October 2018. In the beginning of January 2019 we've had just over 300 registered accounts. At the end of the year, this number is now 100 times bigger, as there are over 31,000 accounts registered on Publish0x.


2. [Growth] Number of Articles Published Show Significant Growth.

number of users blogs posts and comments on publish0x

Today, there are well over 100 articles of various quality published every day. This was not the case when we were starting out, and new articles published were few and far between.

There are about 29,500 posts published on Publish0x thus far!

PS. You can check out the statistics here, though note that these stats lag slightly.


3. [Growth] Over 1,000,000 Tips Given!

1M tips given

In about a year, over 1,000,000 tips have been given through Publish0x. Considering a single user can give up to seven tips per day, this is quite a number - and by the end of this year we expect it to be near, or even over 1,100,000!

And the pace of tips given out is increasing too - 100,000 tips were given by April, and 500,000 tips were given through Publish0x by mid August this year.


4. [Growth] Traffic Growth - What Google Analytics Tells Us.

publish0x analytics 2019

In January we've had just over 60,000 pageviews for the whole month. Today, Publish0x is getting closer to (and surpassing) 1,000,000 views per month, according to Google Analytics.

Note that Google Analytics can't see all of the traffic from users using Ad Blockers or Brave Browser (a browser we highly recommend btw - you can download it from here).


5. [Growth] Substantial Growth According to

Publish0x Alexa stats

We were nowhere to be seen on back in January of course... 

The first update in which I shared our rank was in May. Back then, we've just become one of the top 100,000 websites according to Alexa.

Today, Publish0x is one of the top 30,000 sites in the world (down slightly from being among the top 25,000 sites a month or so ago)! 


6. [Growth] Publish0x Telegram Group has Grown and Now Numbers over 1,200 Members!

publish0x telegram group

Our Telegram group has grown considerably since it's very humble beginnings. The group is active each day, but it won't overwhelm you, and it is a good place to ask any questions you have regarding Publish0x.


7. [Growth] An Unfortunate Side Effect of Growth: Fraudsters Impersonating Publish0x.

publish0x fraud

We have grown enough so, that scammers have found it worthwhile to try and impersonate our brand, hoping to use it as leverage and cheat our users out of their crypto. These unscrupulous characters are trying to defraud our users, both on our Telegram group, via email and on our Facebook page.

ATTENTION: As is unfortunately the norm in the crypto space, there are now fake Publish0x accounts impersonating us on various social media platforms and chat apps. These accounts are used to defraud our users and are most active on Facebook, via email and Telegram.

NOTE: No one from the team will ever ask you to send them crypto or to give them your password.

If someone claiming to be from Publish0x asks you to send them crypto, you can be sure that they are a not connected to us in any way, and you should report them.

Similarly, we will never ask you for your account password.


8. [Growth] Our Team has Grown Too!

Publish0x team

A year ago, our team consisted of only five members. We have grown and are now double the size!



-- Dozens of Blockchain and Crypto Teams are Blogging on Publish0x. Here's Why You Should Join Too! --

publish0x blockchain teams blogging with us

There are a few dozen blockchain and crypto project teams blogging on Publish0x. No one does this without there being something in it for them. Why do these teams share fresh articles, news and updates regarding their projects?


CoinGecko on Publish0x

CoinGecko joined Publish0x back in March 2019.


Many blockchain and crypto projects that have joined Publish0x in hopes of spreading their message to a new audience.

We give additional exposure to blockchain and crypto teams blogging with us by featuring articles they publish in the "Team Updates" category that is prominently displayed on our homepage, right after the section in which we feature the most popular articles of the day (five are featured at any one time).


Case Study: Why Join Publish0x?

publish0x labs

The case study I've published last month about what 37 Blockchain and Crypto teams have gotten out of blogging on Publish0x can give you an idea of what you can expect when you join us and start blogging with us.


Read the case study here: 37 Crypto Projects Blogging with Publish0x Have Received 579,153 Views!


Sponsoring the Tipper.

In the year to come, we expect to grow significantly more and offer even more visibility to blockchain and crypto projects blogging with us. We also aim to take on sponsors who see the benefit of both distributing their tokens through our tipper...



... and the benefits of being featured as a sponsor after each tip is made:

bat tip on publish0x


In case you'd like to know, here's a detailed overview of how our tipping system works and why it can be beneficial for your project:


Tokens that were featured as main tipping tokens before Basic Attention Token (BAT) include DAI Stablecoin and HYDRO. I've written case studies of what kind of visibility they have gotten from being the main tipping token on our platform.

Keep in mind that the reach our platform has is significantly higher compared to when I wrote and later updated these two case studies:


-- Notable Changes to Publish0x in 2019. --

We've been consistently improving Publish0x each week since the project has launched. Still, two of the biggest changes from 2019 that stick out to me are:


1. [Changes] Tipping Model Changes.

dai tip Publish0x

Mid 2019. we've changed the way out tipping system works, so that we can accomodate sponsors better. You can read about how tips on Publish0x work here.


2. [Changes] Homepage Revamp.

Publish0x homepage screenshot

One of the things we haven't put too much resources in is the way Publish0x looks. Still, we've significantly changed the layout of the homepage in August.

This is of course still subject to change and it's not the final version.



-- Going Forward - What to Expect from Publish0x in 2020. --

happy new year

In 2020. you can expect more of the same from Publish0x! Still, here are the things we plan to implement or improve on, hopefully in the first few months of the year.


1. [Expect] More Tutorials on How to Use the Platform.

Publish0x Tutorials

I've created a Publish0x Tutorials blog, that right now only numbers a few posts.

In 2020. you can expect more posts like the Publish0x Cashout Guide written by Niklas, and videos like this one, that one of our authors has recorded.


2. [Expect] Ambassador Leaderboards.


ambassador leaderboards on Publish0x

This is long overdue, but starting from January, you can expect monthly Ambassador contests with good rewards!

Each month, we will be rewarding Publish0x Ambassadors who refer the most people to Publish0x. Details to come next month.


3. [Expect] Notifications Revamp (and UX Revamp).

Publish0x Notifications

Notifications work today already. Decently and to a point.

In truth, the notifications have a limited functionality, one we've always meant to expand on. We will be significantly improving the notifications system, so that they will be much more useful that they are today. We will improve the dashboard as well, so it's more intuitive to use.


4. [Expect] Ability to Send Bigger Tips to Authors.


We have wanted to implement this for a very long time, but something always seemed more important. Well, this is almost ready now, and it will be implemented soon, thus enabling users to send bigger tips to authors.


5. [Expect] Widgets.

If you have a website and want to always feature fresh content, you will be able to do so with Publish0x Widgets. With widgets, you will be able to display between three and nine article titles from any blog on Publish0x - and you'll be able to style them so they fit your blog.

And we will announce this soon! Here's a preview:

Publish0x Widgets

6. [Expect] More Writing Contests on Publish0x.

yeah man

We have held four crypto-centric writing contests thus far, and have paid over $1,000 worth of prizes! You can check all the previous contests and who the winners were in our dedicated blog for anouncing Publish0x Contests and their winners.

Expect us to host more writing contests in 2020!


7. [Expect] Bigger Rewards, If...


Expect to receive bigger rewards for performing certain actions. This is still in the idea stage, but it is coming. Some examples of actions one will be able to take to receive bigger rewards might be:

  • Receive bigger rewards, if you're logging in and tipping authors each day;
  • Receive bigger rewards, if you're tipping from the Brave Browser;
  • Receive bigger rewards, if you've completed a (non-mandatory) KYC;
  • Receive bigger rewards, if you're tipping authors over a certain percentage;
  • ... and similar.

The goal of this is two-fold: To reward users who are using the platform regularly, and to fight fraud more effectively.


-- Ending 2019 With Fun and Optimism! --

To end 2019 in a fun way, I'll share images that has used, that I enjoyed the most. That is an image of this unicorn dog congratulating us on becoming one of the top 100,000 sites according to (all the way back in May).



Crypto has done well overall in 2019, and we expect it to do even better in 2020. Do you?

Ben Bernanke, former chairman of the US Federal Reserve has said something I still think is true: "Virtual currencies may hold long-term promise, particularly if the innovations promote a faster, more secure and more efficient payment system."

Let's see if 2020. brings us closer to fulfilling this promise.

ben bernanke on bitcoin btc


And of course, we recommend that you de-clutter your browser - use Brave (get it here). I'm loving it!

PS. Check out a whole bunch of fun Google Vs Brave images our designer has made here.

brave vs google



Enjoy the Winter Holidays. See You Next Year!

holiday greetings Publish0x







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