These are the Winning Articles of the TA Master - the 3rd Publish0x Writing Contest

By igort | Publish0x Contests | 8 Nov 2019

The third Publish0x writing contest - TA Master, is over. We've had 20 great entries into the contest, and it's time to announce the winners. Thank you to all the participants for taking part in this contest and congratulations to our winners!


We've left the judging to a person who understands technical analysis and who did not participate in the contest. As usual, we will reward a few entries from writers who obviously put in good effort, but just fell short of top three spots.


The total rewards pool for the TA Master writing contest was increased from $200 to $260, paid in BAT - which I have already applied to the articles that the contestants who won the awards wrote. We've distributed the rewards in the following order:

  • 6x $10 in BAT to good articles that didn't make it to top 3.
  • $40 in BAT for the 3rd place.
  • $60 in BAT for 2nd place.
  • $100 in BAT for the top article.


6 Articles that Won $10 in BAT Each.


These six articles each won $10 in BAT - they either didn't follow the rules of the contest completely (but were still great analyses), or just didn't quite make it to top 3:



3rd Placed Article - $40 in BAT Reward Goes To: A large view of bitcoin - Bitcoin Price Analysis by zulonga


Congratulations to zulonga for a great TA!

Here are the comments from our judge on this TA article:

  • Very in depth post about Bitcoin.
  • Easy to read and enjoyable.
  • Good use of images.
  • Great explanation on whales and manipulation.
  • NOT too sure about the use of the FIBS on the second chart image - seems very amateur to show to the audience.
  • Good overview of short and long term scenarios.


2nd Placed Article - $60 in BAT Reward Goes To: TA Master Long Term Premium Perspective For Binance Chain To Become A Champion by Rubika Ventures


Congratulations Rubika Ventures for writing such a great article!

Here are the comments from our judge on this TA article:

  • Very well researched.
  • Easy to read.
  • Nicely drawn charts that are broken down to make it easier to understand.
  • Great introduction to a technical post.
  • Only critcism is that Binance Coin is referred to as Binance Chain multiple times.


1st Placed Article - $100 in BAT Reward Goes To: TA Master | Basic Attention Token has formed strong bullish BAT pattern on week chart and has completed the setup to hit beyond $2 by moon333


Congratulations to moon333 for winning this contest!

Here are the comments from our judge on this TA article:

  • Very clear desription of a Gartley pattern.
  • Great use of many indicators, MA - STOCH, etc...
  • In-depth analysis with additional info indicated on the chart.
  • Great way to finish using the volume profile.


How are We Paying the Winners?

The rewards in $BAT have already been added to the articles of the contest winners. To check this, you can click on any article and you will see that we have added as much BAT as the article has won (on top of the regular tips that the articles have accumulated).

These funds can be withdrawn on Monday, the day we send out payouts. You can see all transaction hashes from weekly payouts Publish0x sends to it's users here:


For future reference, at the time of writing, the price of BAT is around 4.325 $BAT for $1 USDaccording to CoinGecko

  • $10 USD is equal to 43.29 BAT
  • $40 USD is worth 173.22 BAT
  • $60 USD will fetch you 259.83 BAT
  • $100 USD 432.9 BAT

You can see the live price below:


Again - thank you to all of you who participated, and congratulations to the winners!

For any support questions write to [email protected] - and join our Telegram at



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