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Socioeconomically fragile countries may become cryptocurrency powers

11 Dec 2019 6 minute read zulonga $2.85 tipped

Introduction The site coin.dance gathers a collection of information and statistical data about bitcoin, from this, I noticed some patterns that show socially fragile countries having their trading volume growing steadily and gradually, this article...

How to know what percentage to look for in daytrade/scalping

2 Dec 2019 2 minute read zulonga $0.11 tipped

This article aims to give a brief summary of a very efficient way to know how to position yourself in trades, having a notion of how to position yourself and the most appropriate percentage to look for in daytrade or scalpings. The tools to be used i...

Bisq - The importance of a decentralized exchange - BestDApp

30 Nov 2019 5 minute read zulonga $1.69 tipped

Introduction Bitcoin came up with the idea of being a fully decentralized and independent digital currency (either from governments or from the users themselves), so its operation is free and will remain this way forever. The way people found to trad...

Quick look at Tezos (XTZ), great hold coin

25 Nov 2019 2 minute read zulonga $1.15 tipped

We are approaching the end of 2019 with the market very busy, in recent days we saw bitcoin make a surprising downward move that took most players by surprise, the altcoins followed the same pace, for some this means a big loss, for others an opportu...

Follow the Whales - A Brief on Recent Market Manipulations

24 Nov 2019 3 minute read zulonga $2.36 tipped

Introduction If you have been with me for a while you know that I have already written a lot about the manipulation that exists in the cryptocurrency market and how it configures itself in bitcoin. after going back to the standard fibonacci level on...

Basic Attention Token (BAT) started bull run - price analysis

16 Nov 2019 2 minute read zulonga $1.30 tipped

Introduction Basic attention token, the brave browser cryptocurrency, has shown positive volatility in recent weeks breaking major support levels and finally exiting the bearish channel it has picked up since the beginning of the year. In this articl...

The uncertain future of litecoin (LTC)

10 Nov 2019 3 minute read zulonga $1.25 tipped

Introduction One of the first altcoins created and also featured in the market is Litecoin (LTC). As its name implies, it has emerged to be “lightweight” and to ensure simpler mining with more operations per second to streamline the transaction proce...

Banano (BAN) price analysis

8 Nov 2019 2 minute read zulonga $1.06 tipped

Introduction Banano is a very interesting project that goes beyond innovative technology and brings with it the meme proposal which, in turn, is different from projects solely with the meme proposal, such as the doge which is an ultra inflationary cu...

A large view of bitcoin - Bitcoin Price Analysis

3 Nov 2019 7 minute read zulonga $38.54 tipped

Introduction This article aims to make a long and detailed analysis of bitcoin, going through several relevant points that give us a macro view of the asset. I will return to some points mentioned or explained in previous publications to exemplify an...

Chainlink [LINK], here is why you should know - Price analysis and price prediction

1 Nov 2019 2 minute read zulonga $2.41 tipped

Introduction ChainLink is blockchain middleware that allows smart contracts to access key features outside the chain, such as data feeds, various web APIs, and traditional bank account payments. By providing smart contracts, secure access to these cr...