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By PVMihalache | Mind Puzzle | 7 Sep 2020



Thanks to my brother for stressing me out to make a Metamask account and to Mynima for this wonderful guide on how to link wallets. I can proudly say that now I have an up an running Metamask on Brave, plus the new Metamask app on the phone.

Macabre Market 

What a horrible week for Bitcoin and the ecosystem, with "the king" diving below $10,000 on the 4th of September. The Bitcoin’s value went as low as $9,894. The whole crypto-market suffered from the dive and many assets tumbled to nearly 50% of their value.  With Ethereum crashing by 12%, all correlated DeFi dived into the sinkhole. All major DeFi protocols live on the ETH block-chain and they will be heavly affected by the Ethereum price fluctuations. If DeFi investing wasn't risky enough, and projects like YAM and PASTA showed the bad side of decentralizations, this Bitcoin & Ethereum price crisis made several of the DeFi protocols to crash.


Monthly money report

In August, crypto was my Thunder Buddy, reaching a new personal best in revenue and residual income : £342.08. This was £141 better than July revenue, the previous personal best. Judging on how September started, I am happy with half of the income in this cursed month.710b33f2c96a102e3ea721461bb2a7b5e25624e45d89eb9d89ddd333be30c6cf.jpeg

First FreeCryptos withdrawal and two more faucets added to the list

When I tested "Cryptos" for 7 days, I anticipated that I will accumulate 10 Tron (TRX) for my first withdrawal in 3 weeks and I was right. I've done it in 19 days (18th of August to 05th of September), but the referral system boosted a bit my original calculation. a4aa2a7adb9dd9e71d091be778c72f3d775885224d86901cc74e2d159079c24e.jpeg

They added  ChainLINK and NEO faucets on the 2nd of September, and both are coins which I currently hold, and I want to make more. I jumped on both quickly as 8 clicks are the same as 6 clicks. If I have time to do 6 of them, than obviously I will have time for two more.


Elrond (ERD) got bigger and stronger as they metamorphosed into Elrond Gold (EGLD) at a 1000:1 ratio. The Elrond Gold (EGLD) has become the most robust and universal store of value in existence based on fungibility, portability, durability and divisibility. The token is impossibility to be counterfeited. I took advantage of the market dip and added 3.9 EGLD to the freshly transformed ones.5c2d626eb2f5f54e46d55c2bc0b94f106ad4d5bb67846177246a64ea212a8bf4.jpeg

Mixed flavours

Coinbase Earn added Celo, but unfortunately I didn't got the reward and I was put on the waiting list.

Ethereum gas fees are so high that I decided to skip another week and make no withdrawal from Publish0x.

Joined Publish0x 6 months ago and since then the trading tags never changed: #Price Analysis #XRP #ICO #Binance #Money #Crypto News #Technology #Business #Hydro. Surely other things are trending now.

The latest crazy success story, Sushi, fell by 53%. Chef Nomi, the creator, cashed out and the £134 million market cap wonder is heading to the abyss. It is very interesting how Binance doesn't know who's behind the project, specially when THE FORM is mandatory.


Links and referrals

I tested "Cryptos" for 7 days

August Money Report: crypto was my thunder buddy

Elrond metamorphosed into Elrond Gold (EGLD)

Quality Faucets:

Horizen (ZEN) with tier 4 referral system

PipeFlare Hive ZCash - ZEC with tier 4 referral system


FreeCryptos GangDASH, TRX, ETH, CardanoBNBLINKNEO & BTC

Stakecube (over 20 faucet and Shared Masternodes) (LITECOIN)

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