The Fear Of Missing Out - FOMO

We always hear and read these acronyms FOMO and FUD whenever there is a major pump and dump of the USD price of either Bitcoin or the entire cryptocurrencies on coin listings. Most of us already know what it is since we already have dwelt to the cryptosphere for quite sometime. For those who are not familiar with the term then it is most likely what you'll feel after having a glimpse of what this breakthrough in technology is all about.

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This advertisement was flashed on Times Square Garden, the heart of New York, Financial Hub for 330,000 people to see everyday last year June 2018. This is a reminder that you are being branded if you were not yet able to secure a Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrencies even though it always remind you to delve into it.

Let's take a look back last year what really happened. People are receptive to what they always see and hear. This is a proof that many have already tried and gotten themselves immersed to what they thought would make them rich or a band-aid solution for poverty.


Screenshot taken from CoinMarketCap showing the total marketcap of Bitcoin and all cryptocurrencies in the open-market ever-since its conception. The chart clearly states that last January 2018, after Bitcoin and almost every cryptocurrency hit their all-time-high, people who already know this breakthrough and some newbies have invested their hard-earned money in this Multi-Billion-Dollar program. Gathering the world's wealth of 0.8 Trillion Dollars. It was also evident that it didn't last long and the price of Cryptocurrencies therefore dropped dramatically after reaching its all-time high. The market has suffered a whole year long of a bear-market. Most people who have invested have drawn their money back to fiat currency and now become weary if they will give this technological breakthrough a second chance.

People now are aware of the hype especially that they have been given hints that the social media giant will now have its own cryptocurrency injected in the market and should land within the top 50 in coin rankings anytime soon it will be launched. A whooping 2.3 Billion members without any hardships gathering adopters who will use the coin itself.

AT&T, the largest Telecommunications company in the USA started adopting cryptocurrency as payments for their products and services. Bitcoin Cash ATM powered by CryptoSpace in every malls in the United States are now open to encash your cryptocurrencies just like what you do with your regular ATM cards. Vending machines are also now powered by BCH payments and can dispense your orders in a few seconds.

A whole lot more innovations, programs and breakthroughs on cryptocurrencies. Early adopters are blessed with the experience and knowledge of the technology since we have also been resourceful SEARCHING for other digital assets that would give us profits as time goes by. Let us all be responsible in guiding the newbies into this complex world and not just literally make money out of the referral bonuses that we might acquire from them.

I would like to commend publish0x because this platform is an extremely informative medium to get to know the complexities of what cryptocurrencies are. It also helps writers of different niche and genres to gain visibility to everyone who are already in this field or just wandering around looking for a great topic that captures their interest.

People would likely feel they are already left behind if they don't let themselves get started with cryptocurrencies. I would strongly recommend that you do your own research first and just slice a small chunk of your hard-earned money to get started. Once you already got the hang of it then still beware of the greed lurking inside all of us.

Do not post on social media that you wanted to know more about cryptocurrencies because you will be the target of scammers out there. The crypto platform now is a safe-haven for thieves because of the anonymity it brings to all users. Read blogs, watch youtube videos with a whole lot of subscribers, check some of your real trusted friends who started this technology for quite some time and the best part is to learn it by yourself.

After all, it is quite easy. Buy LOW and Sell HIGH. If it didn't pump HIGH for quite a period of time you set your assets to rise its value then SELL, look for another digital asset or diversiy your portfolio(s). Best of luck to all of us. This is it! The inevitable Trillion-Dollar Venture is already starting and is about to change the future where a lot of Millionaires will emerge with "Time" on their side. I have seen on my own eyes that it made some people a Millionaire in a short period of time with Ripple (XRP) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

Never brag on social media about your triumphs. You MUST keep it to yourself. Scammers will just send you links for you to register in which they also own the website, get all your details and use them to log in to websites where you generate your funds.

Grateful you come this far reading my post about this formidable topic where everyone should really be aware.

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Cover Image source is from Google. Thanks to Ankarlie, our fellow publish0x member. I have seen this photo on her FB she shared a year ago.

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