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CUBEBIT REVIEW: The Most Extensive Ecosystem to Grow your Digital Assets

28 Oct 2020 4 minute read 2 comments ankarlie

Contracts, transactions, and the records of them are among the defining structures in our economic, legal, and political systems. They protect assets and set organizational boundaries. They establish and verify identities and chronicle events. Throug...

Unifinity — Enhancing education through blockchain technology

9 Jun 2020 13 minute read 17 comments ankarlie

Introduction Blockchain has become one of the most recognizable emerging technologies over the last decade. This is due in part to the immense popularity of bitcoin that has become a viable alternative to the prevalent centralized financial structure...

What are Exchange Utility Tokens?

9 Apr 2020 4 minute read 0 comments ankarlie

Last month one of the leading centralized exchanges (CEX) in the world, OKEx have decided to burn 700 million unissued OKB, the exchange’s utility token. The OKEx management also revealed that no more additional issuance of the utility token in the f...

What are Instant Liquidity Exchanges and How to Make a Profit from them?

9 Apr 2020 4 minute read 2 comments ankarlie

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is the new buzzword coined by the cryptocurrency community to call blockchain-based fintech. They are described as financial mechanisms that disintermediate traditional finance and allows direct peer-to-peer transactions...

Newdex OTC service

9 Apr 2020 4 minute read 0 comments ankarlie

Newdex is one of the world’s leading decentralized exchange (DEX). It is the first EOS-based DEX and is widely considered as the biggest trading venue in the whole EOSIO ecosystem. It features one of the most comprehensive lists of EOS trading pairs...

Steemit an interesting case of first generation blockchain-based social media

1 Apr 2020 3 minute read 20 comments ankarlie

Steemit had the unique advantage of being the first mover in the space but has failed so miserably to stand up why a decentralized social media was created in the first place. The recent change of management of Steemit vividly showed this. Instead of...

Tutorial: How to make Bitkey - Air-gaped Bitcoin Wallet

29 Mar 2020 2 minute read 1 comment ankarlie

Introduction Hello! Anidel here for another simple but useful tutorial. Today I want to show you how to create a bootable USB Bitkey is a bootable iso.image that can be burned to a CD/DVD or copied into a bootable USB drive or USB flash drive. It co...

Bridging the Gap Between DEXs and CEXs

26 Mar 2020 4 minute read 13 comments ankarlie

Have you ever wondered why with all the risks and problems associated with using centralized exchanges (CEX) a lot of people are still using them? If you look at the many cryptocurrency data aggregation sites it is almost a guarantee that CEXs will a...

Tutorial: How to create Free Telos Account

23 Mar 2020 2 minute read 3 comments ankarlie

Hello guys! I have been exploring the different EOS sidechains of late and I am just loving the different projects. one of the EOS sidechains I want to share with you today TELOS. To be honest, I don't know much about the project, but I do know it is...

Massive Theft In Crypto Preventing Mass Adoption

20 Mar 2020 5 minute read 23 comments ankarlie

Blockchain the next frontier in Fintech Blockchain technology has opened a new frontier in finance. For the first time in modern history, we are given a technology that gave us an option for an alternative monetary system that is more egalitarian, in...


Unifinity — Enhancing education through blockchain technology

9 Jun 2020 ankarlie

12 June 2020
Thanks for pointing that out. I will be updating this article as soon as they have the new site is up.

Unifinity — Enhancing education through blockchain technology

9 Jun 2020 ankarlie

12 June 2020
Thanks.. I will be upgrading this soon with more links.

Unifinity — Enhancing education through blockchain technology

9 Jun 2020 ankarlie

12 June 2020
I will be updating this article soon to include all the official list and where prospective users can interact with the developers of the platform you might want to join :)

Unifinity — Enhancing education through blockchain technology

9 Jun 2020 ankarlie

12 June 2020
Thank you so much. I really put a lot of effort when I write.

Unifinity — Enhancing education through blockchain technology

9 Jun 2020 ankarlie

12 June 2020
Thank you for your kind words!

$300 in Prizes: My First Trade on DEX Exchange - Update: Now 0 Fees on DEX Registration!

21 Apr 2020 Igor Tomić

24 April 2020
This is the first time using the Loopring DEX and I must say the experience is quite enlightening. Transactions were fast within the looping DEX. Here is proof of my successful transaction: The Ethereum address I used is this: 0x00F33c3BcE1b479bC7ffACc986BADCEd8B2D7CAd I am currently doing an article about my whole experience will submit it when I am done.

Bridging the Gap Between DEXs and CEXs

26 Mar 2020 ankarlie

02 April 2020
This is the original article

Steemit an interesting case of first generation blockchain-based social media

1 Apr 2020 ankarlie

02 April 2020
Despite going off strong in this article I actually have much respect for the witnesses and I acknowledge what they have done for years on Steem. I have so much respect that I was utterly surprised by their behavior. I was actually expecting more from them since they wield so much influence and power. There are those who want to see a common ground but they were shunned, ignored and bullied. I am a nobody in the platform and was afraid to air my thoughts there since I will expose myself to bullying of higher-powered steemians. While they might be few but their awesome power is just scary. I don't want to add additional stress to myself especially that I am in the middle of my pregnancy. Ideally, I would like people to move on to their own platforms, those who want to use steemit and those who want to hive should just stay on their platform. I think those people who support hive that has been naughty on Steemit are doing it in purpose to be downvoted and censored and cries out in social media for censorship. Some of them might be is still intoxicated by their illusion that they are still Kings of the platform.

Steemit an interesting case of first generation blockchain-based social media

1 Apr 2020 ankarlie

02 April 2020
I am grateful for that. But in reality, I actually understand where you are coming from, to be honest, there are times the I follow the same logic especially during this covid19 pandemic. It is easy to point fingers but for now I think we should focus on finding solutions and ways to keep ourselves safe during this times. We will have plenty of time to speculate who is the real culprit once the pandemic is over (hopefully). Perhaps on another article that actually tackles that topic.

Steemit an interesting case of first generation blockchain-based social media

1 Apr 2020 ankarlie

02 April 2020
Yes perhaps there is a lot of things that we can agree on but it is clear that you don't see what is fundamentally wrong with freezing anyone's property so long as it will benefit what you believe in, right or wrong. You justify the actions of the previous witnesses thinking that you already know what will happen to those funds. I don't want to sound like I am defending Justin but anyone that has their property stolen will likely act the same way or even worse. I won't be surprised if Justin will litigate for the previous and current actions of the old witnesses. You seem to know already what Justin Sun will do with his acquisition of steemit, I don't and I am willing to wait and see. I am not that foolish enough to claim to know what will be. You find fault that Steemit/Steem will be centralized just because a big investor entered Steemit which is not much decentralized anyway with STEEM whales running the whole show. But you do not see the bigger problem of hate, racism, and bigotry. Instead, you justify it saying that it happens all the time, everywhere. If I follow your argument then I can also say that what happened to Steemit/Steem happens all the time in any organizations with a company like structure. What is True is True, that is universally correct but the question is whose Truth is it yours or mine? Your version of the truth might not be the same version as mine. The difference is the truth that I believe in actually has happened not based on a future that may or may not happen. I don't know about you but I am willing to take the risk of trusting some of the people in the crypto space, especially those who have been successful doing what they do and have contributed immensely to the development of the industry. I know and I acknowledge that I have my own limitation and I don't pretend to have knowledge of some esoteric knowledge about how crypto should or should not be. Again let's agree to disagree if not then let's just agree on some of the things that we might agree on.

Bridging the Gap Between DEXs and CEXs

26 Mar 2020 ankarlie

01 April 2020
Salamat kuya enjoy my other articles too kuya!

Bridging the Gap Between DEXs and CEXs

26 Mar 2020 ankarlie

01 April 2020
Yes, my work was republished there with MY permission since I am the AUTHOR.

Steemit an interesting case of first generation blockchain-based social media

1 Apr 2020 ankarlie

01 April 2020
By the way your original comment was actually emailed to me :)

Steemit an interesting case of first generation blockchain-based social media

1 Apr 2020 ankarlie

01 April 2020
I can swear that your original comment is a whole lot shorter now. What happened to your comments referencing Chinese communists.. I guess you have edited away.

Steemit an interesting case of first generation blockchain-based social media

1 Apr 2020 ankarlie

01 April 2020
Let's just keep the discussion within the Steemit and Steem so not to sound like we are being racist.

Steemit an interesting case of first generation blockchain-based social media

1 Apr 2020 ankarlie

01 April 2020
Yes, racism and bigotry. I am glad that you acknowledged that they exist on Steemit and Hive but it was especially true during the height of the governance war. Since you reckon that people have been doing this for us long there been people it does mean they should. Obviously this blog-post is an opinion based on my own unique experience on STEEM and is written in a way to get a strong response from my readers. No, I don't agree that Justin was the one strong-arming the community it was the other way around. It was a response to the pre-emptive attack by the witnesses and their supporters as a desperate move to protect their self-serving interest to maintain their power. How would they ever know how those STEEM will be used? No one can be sure. Not all community members agreed with the actions of witnesses there is also a huge part of the community which are willing to work with Justin and doesn't really care about politics on Steem. Many of them believe new investors will be able to accelerate the development of steem as well as increase its value. You said disagreements and tribalism are only mitigated through knowledge and reason. Do you honestly believe that in Steemit/Hive you can reason out to whales who don't give a shit about what you say? They'll just downvote you to oblivion. let's just agree to disagree.

Steemit an interesting case of first generation blockchain-based social media

1 Apr 2020 ankarlie

01 April 2020
it was intended to be strong and yes it is an opinion based on what I actually experienced attending the townhall meetings and based on the behavior of the witnesses. What you call as a power grab was a legitimate business deal between Steemit inc and Justin Sun it happens all the time in the real world. Since you don't recognize the fact that the witnesses froze another person's rightful property then let's not waste our time convincing each other who is right and wrong. It is after all just an opinion. And no, my article isn't poor it just doesn't agree with your own opinion.

Bridging the Gap Between DEXs and CEXs

26 Mar 2020 ankarlie

27 March 2020
You are most welcome!

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Monero Mining Smartphone with ASIC integrated [UPDATE]

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Atari, Gaming Giant has Big Blockchain Plans — Crypto Casino, Media Platform & Exchange

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Justin Sun: Business Genius.

23 Mar 2020 2 minute read comments niallon11

Now I know what your thinking. "Justin Sun". That crazy ego maniacal bastard that broke STEEM. How can he be a business genius? When we first heard that he had bought I would say that the majority of us were cautiously optimistic. I mean...

Supporting Ourselves with Crypto

20 Mar 2020 2 minute read comments Daniel Goldman

Even as the economy fumbles and tumbles, and people find themselves without work, there is a great deal that we can do. And crypto can help. And yet, I'm quite astonished by just how little interest people have in various projects that could provide...

How to earn Crypto - Part 1 - Top Websites to Find Crypto Jobs

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Since I have been working in the cryptocurrency for over 3 years, I am used to getting the same question thrown at me week upon week to anyone who isn't clued up on the cryptocurrency world - Should I invest my money into cryptocurrencies?  My repl...


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Simple person with complicated mindset


Enginnering undergraduate student. Libertarian. Enthusiast of decentralized economy.


My name is caminus from imo state Nigeria graduate of polymer and textile engineering futo, m single , a Christian.