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A smart contract is a self-executing digital contract enforced by the terms of an agreement that are written into lines of code. When a smart contract’s predefined rules are met, the agreement is automatically enforced and the contract is executed.

The term “smart contract” was first proposed by Nick Szabo in 1994. Szabo defined smart contracts as computerized transaction protocols that execute terms of a contract. He envisioned smart contracts to revolutionize financial transactions by bringing them to the digital realm. With the advent of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, Szabo’s vision is being fulfilled as smart contracts are being implemented on blockchain or distributed ledger technology. 

Smart contracts enable credible transactions to be executed without third parties and are thus superior to traditional contract law and reduces the transaction costs associated with contracting. They allow anything of value to be transacted in a transparent, trustless, and conflict free way without a middleman. Therefore, smart contracts have the potential to disrupt and revolutionize a number of industries with their numerous use cases.

Such use cases include and are not limited to; banking and financial services, prediction markets, insurance, digital identity, real estate and land titles recording, authorship and intellectual property rights, the internet of things (IoT), tax records, and more.  

Smart contract technology is being implemented on a multitude of cryptocurrencies and blockchain protocols that enable developers to write their own programs and smart contracts. Ethereum is the most notable blockchain protocol enabling smart contracts and others include EOS, Cardano, NEO, Hyperledger, NEM, Tron, and the list goes on. 

What makes Cardano so special?

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Cardano is a controversial currency, some consider it to have a bright future and others find it useless.Both versions can be supported but let's try to give an overview. The main criticism of ADA is that it has failed to develop and attract develope...

Cardano as a smart contract platform. Competitors.

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Cardano is an advanced platform for smart contract development, which is based on the proof-of-stake blockchain.   The primary goal is to solve the scalability and to balance the need to regulate the privacy and the decentralization of blockchain tec...

Will Us Government use Blockchain technology in next US Election?

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At the current situation, there has been huge controversial regarding fraud in US Presidential election . US President Donald Trump accuse Bill Biden of doing fraud in election . So, In order to remove such a conflict and increase transparency in the...

NFTs — The Next Wave in Crypto

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Making money in crypto is all about staying one step ahead of the crowd. As you are collecting profits from the current wave, you are actively looking for the next wave to invest that money in. Rinse and repeat until the bull market ends, then tether...

Providing Liquidity through BakerySwap + ETH/BETH Pools

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  Review of PancakeSwap   Today I will conclude the series of decentralized swaps, this is the fourth I test, I have already provided liquidity and stake in three others, as well as made some exchanges and you can check my experiences in the link bel...

New Algorand governance: a decentralized proposal

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Introduction In this publication, we will approach the new decentralization proposal proposed by founder Silvio Micali, which besides bringing more decentralization, will also allow investors to have a more protagonist role in governance, besides gre...

Secure Execution of Financial Ethereum Contracts

12 Jan 2021 2 minute read 1 comment Juan Molina

The dynamic nature of international financial markets has led to the widespread use of a wide variety of financial instruments, from traditional primary instruments, such as bonds, to various forms of derivative instruments, such as interest rate swa...

Litecoin & The Future (LTC)

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Litecoin. Often referred to as "Bitcoin's little brother", or "The Silver of Bitcoin". Why, you might ask? There are many different answers to that question. Litecoin is largely similar to Bitcoin in many ways. It's a Proof-Of-Work concept that opera...

GRAPHENE $GFN — Superior Smart Contract Platform

9 Jan 2021 1 minute read 4 comments Cappex

Hello guys, you should do some research on $PHR #Phore, the project is a great decentralized solution to compete with the big names in online shopping like Ebay, Amazon, Alibaba. https://medium.com/@phoreblockchain/how-the-phore-decentralized-marketp...

Giving Bankroll Flow a Try!

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You probably seen a ton of people talking about bankroll flow on YouTube and everywhere else on the internet.  And after watching on the sidelines for a while, I’ve decided to give it a try.  I haven’t been in long enough to have a real opinion yet,...