Bitcoin's Break Out To $10,000 USD Value - What's Next For The Mother Of All Crypto?

Bitcoin's Break Out To $10,000 USD Value - What's Next For The Mother Of All Crypto?

When I woke up this afternoon, checked my phone, opened a social media site and saw there is a pandemonium on-going! That's right, BTC has finally break through its most recent resistance of $9,922 line and just sky-rocketed to $10,800 landing point.


Now that BTC has already passed that resistance line across the $10,000 what's next for this dominating cryptocurrency by market capitalization?

It is said to be in the records of blockchain that it only took 21 days to reach its all time high of $20,000 after the break out from $10,000. Will history repeat by itself? We definitely hope so. For the ones who hold BTC inside their wallets or currently on the set sell @$10,000 check your portfolios and celebrate this awesome triumphant moment.

Will you still buy more BTC out of your own fiat or exchange your undervalued coins to BTC? I would prefer doing that instead of still waste another long time hoping for these so called crytpos who gave a lot of promising statements before.

Here on publish0x, all we need to do is just read the posts of amazing writers. We gain a lot of info from everyone's awesome shares about certain programs available in the crypto market. We exchange ideas and definitely use the knowledge gained to earn profits or make our life easier and time-efficient. 

I am proud that I was the second content publisher here to let everyone know that Facebook is already developing its own coin and now it is all over the posts here on this awesome blogging site. I guess it has nothing to do with this hype because Bitcoin is really destined to pump and now that we are already in the Bull run which started since April Fools 2019. Also glad that I was the first one to share about MakerDAO (DAI) even before publish0x used it as tips for everyone to enjoy. Glad I was one of the few who are now sharing this exciting news to everyone about the $10,000 break-out.

Amidst the Bull-Run dramas, it still soared high to what was most BTC holders are hoping for. Its journey passing through this USD price where everyone believes that BTC will then be unstoppable and another record of its all time high is on its way.

At this point, the market cap of the entire crypto industry has already reached $325.8 Billion, still far from its all time high of $0.8 Trillion last January 2018. There are lot's of things that's going to happen. At this point of time, half of all the population that has a social media is getting aware of what cryptocurrency could bring us.

More popcorns to consume, more writers will emerge, more ideas to share and get receptive to, a whole lot of use-case and a whole bunch of tech giants and even the governments around the world will certainly adopt this technology.

Steemit, publish0x, medium, reddit, bitcointalk, wordpress and a whole lot more emerging social media blogging blockchains will also emerge. Thankful that I was one of the few who became successful here on publish0x.

To all the content publishers here who shared about this great news to everyone, I salute you for also having the same sense of responsibility just like me, letting the whole world know about this good news.


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