The Bitcoin Revolution and the Burial of Traditional Money

The Bitcoin Revolution and the Burial of Traditional Money

If you still only have a vague idea of ​​what Bitcoin is, so it is better to hurry up and go looking for knowledge.

Who would think that below Bitcoin we would still have almost 10,000 altcoins, short for cryptocurrencies alternatives, each competing for a slice of the pie of investors that together already move more than two trillion dollars?

Have you realized that all this money is moving technology projects?

Want examples? Then see some:

* Holography and Augmented Reality 

* The Lunar Gateway

* An Impressive Skyscraper Construction

* Development of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

* Building Houses with 3D Printer - Know The Advantages

* Flying Cars - Meet some models

* Super Brain Watson - Cloud platform with cognitive intelligence

* NASA sends pioneer woman to Mars

* Falcon 9 and the Starlink Project

* Car without wheels can save the Earth

* Cryptocurrency mining using brain activity

* Fusion between Brain and Artificial Intelligence

* Presearch is already the main search engine of this decade

What made so many investors in the traditional financial market migrate together over 2 trillion dollars for cryptocurrency exchanges?

Research by the University of Cambridge points out that in 2020 the adoption of cryptocurrencies brought 101 million users to the crypto market.

Think of a kind of money as a means of exchange capable of crossing borders without the imposition of government fees.

Cryptocurrencies follow the philosophy of freedom and for this reason were created, developed and perfected so as not to be

controlled by any monetary authority, bank or government.

While you sleep and do not participate in this revolution that the cryptocurrency market is consolidating, it is certain that

countless projects are being moved and taking shape to change the perspective of the world we know.

Otherwise, if you are participating, then you are contributing to the construction of a decentralized new world.



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