Cryptocurrency mining using brain activity
Cryptocurrency mining using brain activity

Cryptocurrency mining using brain activity

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Hello how are you?

Did you know that Microsoft intends to use your brain's energy to mine cryptocurrencies?

Before discussing this topic, it is necessary to clarify for those who still do not know

that cryptocurrency mining is processed on mining farms like the one you are seeing.

To mine a digital currency, a set of actions is required to validate

and process the transactions located in the blockchain's block chain or ledger.

For this to happen, enormous computational effort and energy expenditure are required to resolve

mathematical calculations in order to find the key or hash that encrypts the blocks.

What do you think about a company transforming the brain energy you disperse into digital currencies?

to perform tasks on the internet?

Imitate a device capable of perceiving, decoding and capturing the processed energy through

of the various bodily functions such as brain activity, fluid movement and body heat.

The idea is to capture this energy while you perform tasks

provided by an information service provider

to perform the validation using the "proof of work" algorithm.

As an example, imagine creating a blog post or even your reaction

when viewing a video or a simple ad.

Microsoft registered patent suggests fluid flow tracking

produced by the organs of the human body for the purpose of monitoring tasks,

including your activities when using search engines, social media, email and chats.

When this is possible the scarcity and cost of energy

to mine the most varied cryptocurrencies will no longer be a big problem.

If this does happen, maybe humans, while dispersing energy

when browsing the world wide web you will be paid

and as an exchange mechanism use these earnings to spend on the internet of things.

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A big hug and better days!


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