Lunar Gateway Orbital Platform

Lunar Gateway Orbital Platform


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Did you know that the Gateway lunar orbital platform will be ready this decade?

Imagine a gas station connected to a convenience center.Watch the 6-minute video via 

In this business model you can refuel, change oil

and maintain your vehicle.

You can also stop for coffee, eat a meal,

take a shower or even rent a room and stay overnight, all in the same place.

Likewise, Gateway will be able to receive spacecraft and astronauts on missions and

also robots and researchers to develop their experiments while they orbit the Moon.

You know what the difference is between the International Space Station

and the Lunar Gateway Platform?

The difference is that while the crew of astronauts on the ISS revolves around the Earth

at a distance of 400 km from the ground,

the Gateway will be rotating around the north pole of the Moon at a distance of 3,000 km.

In relation to Earth, Gateway will be positioned at a distance of approximately 400,000 km.

Otherwise the Lunar Orbital Gateway Platform will be 1000 times further apart if compared

with the distance between Earth and the International Space Station.

For Gateway to get off the ground and become a reality

NASA and ESA (European Space Agency) signed an agreement

for building housing and refueling modules

with large observation windows for the crew

In addition, ESA will produce service modules that will supply power to the Orion capsule

and oxygen and water for the crew to follow on future missions of the Artemis Space Flight Program

which aims to land the first woman and man on lunar soil in the year 2024.

Another big boost for space exploration was signed between NASA and the private space company Axiom

which aims to create its own private space station

in partnership with a team of industry leaders Boeing.

For the time being, Axiom modules are coupled and being used as part of the ISS.

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