Privacy and Professionalism - The Happy Crypto Family [NFT GIVEAWAY]

Privacy and Professionalism - The Happy Crypto Family [NFT GIVEAWAY]

Greeting and salutations Crypto Friends,

We hope you are enjoying the new addition to your collection, Bitcoin Cash the Reliable, and thank you very much once more for the outstanding support! This time we run the giveaway on two different platforms, and for one more time, we have been very humbled by your positive comments.

In the previous week, we also run the Bitcoin Illustration promo one more time here on publish0x, giving people the opportunity to enrich their collection further. There will be more of those promos coming up, so stay tuned!

So Friday today, folks, and we are back for our regular appointment!

The Happy Crypto Family NFT


Suppose you are new here, well then welcome! Allow us to introduce ourselves!

We are a bunch of friends that share the same enthusiasm for cryptocurrencies and eye-pleasing staff. We released our first NFT collection, the Happy Crypto Family, to celebrate our passion for crypto with the rest of the world.

The Happy Crypto Family NFT project is a series that celebrates cryptocurrencies in the cutest way possible. Expect to see many different cryptos, potentially your favourite ones as well, people that have influenced the industry, plus events that shook the exciting world of decentralized finance. We are confident that the result will be worth the wait!

The new member of the Happy Crypto Family that we will introduce today is, Monero the Secretive!

Monero the Secretive NFT


It is digging that classic mafia look, nothing less expected by the leading cryptocurrency in the privacy sector. Monero was created by an anonymous BitcoinTalk forum user going by the name "thankful_for_today" back in April 2014.

The initial name of the cryptocurrency was BitMonero, a combination of Bit from Bitcoin and Monero, which translates to "coin" in Esperanto. Esperanto is a language like any other, only that it does not have its own country nor its own people, if you were curious.

Shortly after the launch of BitMonero, the founder proposed some controversial changes that caused the community to clash, and a fallout followed. A few members of the core team lead by another anonymous user of that forum named "Johnny Mnemonic" forked the project to what we know as Monero today.

Since then, Monero has continued to develop with a first and foremost focus on privacy and security followed by efficiency and usability. More than 500 developers plus 30 of a core team have directly contributed to the project throughout this time, making it a quintessential aspect of decentralization.

The giveaway

The giveaway to acquire the Happy Crypto Family's sixth card, Monero the Secretive, for free is quite simple. The max supply of this NFT will be 180, and 50 will be awarded through this giveaway.

The first 20 who will comment down below with their .wam address will be awarded a Monero the Secretive card.

Additionally, the rest of the addresses will enter in the lucky draw for a chance to win the remaining 30 NFTs allocated for distribution for this giveaway!

The giveaway will expire on Wednesday, 12th of May at 19:00 UTC.

Remember to follow us on Publish0x and the rest of our accounts for any possible updates. Also, try tagging a friend to spread the word for the project. It would mean the world to us!

The whole project is based on the collection of NFTs that can be bought here:

Crypto Cards released

Expect many updates soon. Stay connected.
Please feel free to make any suggestions.
Until the next post…. HODL on Crypto Friends.

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Happy Crypto Family NFT
Happy Crypto Family NFT

Happy Crypto Family NFT

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