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Monero (XMR) is a privacy-focused cryptocurrency made by Riccardo Spagni (AKA FluffyPony), David Lotapie and 5 other anonymous developers in April 2014. It is a decentralized open-source blockchain network that makes all transaction details on the blockchain opaque, making transaction details untraceable and private.

In a world where we have no idea who is using our data and for what purpose, it is important to keep the privacy of our finances at the forefront of our mind. Monero intends to help keep finances and payments private as this will become paramount as our right to privacy continues to erode. 

Forked from Bytecoin in 2014, Monero seeks to create a fully anonymous cryptocurrency in which users can send value to each other without the ability to be traced as it disguises identities and transaction amounts to the public. Monero uses a suite of privacy technology to achieve the high level of privacy they have currently reached. 

The first privacy technology they use are Ring Signatures which help to conceal the identity of the sender from other parties in the group (or the “ring”). Using Ring Signatures helps to hide the user’s identity because parties in the ring do not know who signed the original transaction. The second privacy feature that Monero have implemented are Stealth Addresses which are one-time-use addresses created for each transaction on behalf of the recipient. Therefore, Stealth Addresses help to conceal the receiver’s identity. The last privacy technology used by Monero, only implemented in January 2017, is RingCTs (Ring Confidential Transactions). RingCTs help to hide the transaction amount in the details. These three privacy features combined help to bring anonymity to the cryptocurrency industry and wider world.

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RandomX released, last update of monero's mining algorithm

5 days ago 1 minute read Roberto D. $0.07 tipped

the new update of the Monero network took place successfully on November 30th; with the release of RandomX, a new mining algorithm, the XMR network becomes even more resistant to mining with ASIC and, consequently, more decentralized and safer. The A...

Monero Loses Huge Crypto Exchange

1 week ago 1 minute read kingscrown $0.32 tipped

This one i wasnt writing much about yet it did show up in some of my posts so there is slight chance you have account there, i have to say its GREAT for arbitrage as its located in eastern EU and catches news slow so often you have at least 10-30 min...

Monero: weekly market analysis - Price prediction

3 days ago 2 minute read Roberto D. $0.01 tipped

Monero: weekly market analysis (from November 29th to December 5th 2019 on a BTC / XMR pair)   Probably this December will not prove to be the good month we all expected, indeed, we will be lucky if we were able to recover the losses accumulated in t...

Monero's RandomX algorithm has arrived for NiceHash Miner

1 week ago 1 minute read The Kragle $0.02 tipped

Monero (XMR) is one of the first cryptocurrencies that fell in love with.  Its privacy-centric solutions lend to better use cases than many other coins on the market.  As with almost every other coin that can be mined, ASICs started to enter the Mone...

How to really use CryptoTab!

1 week ago 1 minute read Ryuji $0.05 tipped

As usual I will be brief! As we all know, CryptoTab allows us to earn Bitcoins simply by using your browser. If we use CryptoTab we can also earn $ 2 a week but only if we use the PC all day. It's a good way to do some bitcoins but it's slow and disp...

Monero: market analysis (from November 22nd to November 28th 2019 on a BTC / XMR pair) - Price Prediction

1 week ago 2 minute read Roberto D. $0.05 tipped

Another delisting for this currency has arrived, after the Asian OKEx and UpBit platforms, this time it's BitBay's turn that will stop the deposits in XMR already tomorrow while for the definitive closure of the market there will be time again until...

Hackers Scan Massive Docker Instances to Mine Crypto

1 week ago 1 minute read Matthew Rosenquist $0.41 tipped

Hackers are at it again, looking for vulnerable Docker instances so they can selfishly mine Monero.  Over the weekend, according to cybersecurity researchers at Bad Packets, what is believed to be a concerted effort to scan for known vulnerabilities...

Bitbay Exchange Delists Monero

1 week ago 1 minute read CryptoArgha $0.02 tipped

Crypto Exchange Bitbay delists privacy secured crypto monero Recently, the crypto exchange announced the news of delisting monero coin from the platform thru a official blog post On November 20 Bitbay announced the news and eill pause the deposit and...

BitBay will exclude monero from trading, anonymous cryptocurrencies under pressure from international institutions

1 week ago 1 minute read Roberto D. $0.05 tipped

After OKEx and UpBit, which carried out the delisting in September, monero is going to be excluded from BitBay, as announced yesterday through a post published on the site; the exchange will cease to accept deposits on November 29 while the actual de...

Monero: market analysis (November 15 to November 21, 2019 on BTC / XMR pair) - Price prediction

2 weeks ago 2 minute read Roberto D. $0.04 tipped

XMR started to retrace losing about 5% compared to a week ago. Wrong forecast, therefore, even if it is not to be excluded that this coin breaks the previous maximum in the next few days, making what happened during the last week a trivial accident....

Hacker launch bounty to hack rewarding with bitcoin

2 weeks ago 1 minute read CryptoArgha $0.01 tipped

Anonymous hacker name Phineas Fisher will pay other hackers to hack into major system This anonymous hacker is offering $100,000 dollar in bitcoin and monero to hack into major firms He launched a Bounty program to hack Down major company and agency...

MALICIOUS SOFTWARE on the official website of Monero steals cryptocurrency from users, the news is official

2 weeks ago 1 minute read Roberto D. $0.01 tipped

The news began to circulate with a post on reddit published a few hours ago by monero's core team; according to what is learned the download on the official website has been compromised and the users who download it seriously risk to see their coins...

Will only 1% of coins survive?

3 weeks ago 4 minute read raven $2.63 tipped

Some months ago Ripple's CEO Brad Garlinghouse said that 99% of coins and tokens will go away. This sounds plausible, but is it actually true? To give some insight into this issue I decided to take a look on the crypto market of exactly 5 years ago...