[NFT GIVEAWAY] The Rebellious Who Changed the World of Crypto - The Happy Crypto Family NFT

[NFT GIVEAWAY] The Rebellious Who Changed the World of Crypto - The Happy Crypto Family NFT

Greeting and salutations, crypto friends!

After a successful giveaway and the lovely comments we received about our first NFT card, Mr Bitcoin, we are invigorated with enthusiasm and positive energy to show you the next one.

If you are new to this and have absolutely no clue what the above is referring to, we would like to introduce ourselves. We are a bunch of friends that share the same passion for crypto, and things looking good! We released our first NFT collection, the Happy Crypto Family NFT Series, to grow and develop our skills further.

The Happy Crypto Family NFT


The Happy Crypto Family NFT project is a series that celebrates cryptocurrencies in the cutest way possible. Expect to see many different cryptos, potentially your favourite ones as well, people that have influenced the industry, plus events that shook the exciting world of decentralized finance!

We are currently working hard to enrich our collection to receive the green light for getting whitelisted. Please bear with us. We are trying our hardest and giving 100% of our effort towards this goal.

And now to the moment, you were waiting for. The next card is entering the collection, Ethereum!

Ethereum the Rebellious NFT


What a rockstar! Its initial release on the 30th of July 2015 came and changed the crypto scene's tides.

The creator and co-founder of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin argued that Bitcoin and blockchain technologies could benefit from other applications besides money and needed a scripting language for application development that could lead to attaching real-world assets, like stocks and property, to the blockchain.

It has been 6 years since then, and look where we are standing now! It is this kind of vision that makes this technology so fascinating!

The giveaway

The giveaway to acquire the Happy Crypto Family's second card, Ethereum the Rebellious, for free is relatively simple. Τhe same pattern as the first card will be followed.

Ethereum the Rebellious NFT has a max supply of 285. 50 pieces are dedicated to this giveaway divided as follows:

The first 20 who will comment below with their .wam address and follow all of the following instructions will be awarded an Ethereum the Rebellious NFT card.

Additionally, we wouldn't like any of you to be excluded from this giveaway only because someone else was faster than you in the comments. So, we will conduct a random draw with everyone else who comments after the first 20. The exact requirements apply as above. You must comment with your .wam address. 30 NFTs will be awarded for the lucky draw.

The giveaway will expire on Wednesday 14th of April at 15:00 UTC.

Remember to follow us for any possible updates and post down below to the comment section your .wam wallet. Try tagging a friend to spread word for the project, it would mean the world to us!

Expect many updates soon. Stay connected.
Please feel free to make any suggestions.
Until the next post…. HODL on Crypto Friends.

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Happy Crypto Family NFT
Happy Crypto Family NFT

Happy Crypto Family NFT

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