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By CoinSteps | Happy Crypto Family NFT | 23 Apr 2021

Greetings and salutations, Crypto Friends,

We hope you are enjoying the new addition to your collection, Litecoin the Equaliser, and thank you very much once more for the outstanding support! Our initial target was not reached, but that doesn't fret us as we are confident that the crypto cards to come will be getting better and better!

Well, it's Friday today, and we are going to introduce our new addition!

The Happy Crypto Family NFT


If you are new to this and have absolutely no clue what the above is referring to, we would like to introduce our selves. We are a bunch of friends that share the same passion for crypto, and things looking good! We released our first NFT collection, the Happy Crypto Family, to further develop our skills.

The Happy Crypto Family NFT project is a series that celebrates cryptocurrencies in the cutest way possible. Expect to see many different cryptos, potentially your favourite ones as well, people that have influenced the industry, plus events that shook the exciting world of decentralised finance! We are currently working hard to enrich our collection further.

The card which we will be adding to our collection is Cardano!

Cardano the Poet NFT


Aaaah, Cardano. What a great project! Founded in 2015 by Ethereum co-founder Charles Hoskinson after a dispute with Vitalik about accepting venture capital, Cardano spread its wings in late 2017, setting course to a new aim to run smart contracts.

The platform's name is a homage to Girolamo Cardano, a 15th-century mathematician, physician, biologist, philosopher (damn, people in the middle ages had so much free time), best known for his achievement in algebra.

If you hated algebra at school, well, you know who to blame now! The cryptocurrency ADA is taken after the countess of Lovelace, lady Ada Lovelace, the only child of Lord Byron and wife to Charles Babbage, the mathematician considered by some as the "father of the computers". Lady Ada was a prodigy, her self being the first to realise the potential of algorithms and putting them to use, describing her approach as "poetical science". She saw beauty in numbers! She has rightfully earned the undisputed title of "mother of computer programming".

The entire roadmap of Cardano is a homage to mathematics and poetry, describing an era where humanity was going through it's most remarkable early achievements that paved the path towards our today.

The design of the card is trying to capture the spirit and the curiosity of that era. It draws heavy inspiration from Voltaire, which is also the final step in the Cardano's road map. Voltaire was a prolific writer and an advocate of the freedom of speech that tried to change the way people were thinking. Like then, Cardano nowadays, is trying to reshape our thinking, introducing a new future in the blockchain industry, and it has still a lot to give.

The giveaway

The giveaway to acquire the Happy Crypto Family's Family's fourth card, Cardano the Poet, for free is relatively simple.

The first 20 who will comment below with their .wam address and follow all of the following instructions will be awarded a Cardano the Poet card.

Additionally, we wouldn't like any of you to be excluded from this giveaway only because someone else was faster than you in the comments. So, we will conduct a random draw with everyone else who comments after the first 20. The exact requirements apply as above. You must comment with your .wam address. 60 NFTs will be awarded for the lucky draw.

Total 80 NFTs for this giveaway. We do our best to distribute these creerful cards to as many as possible!

The giveaway will expire on Wednesday 28th of April at 15:00 UTC.

Remember to follow us on Publish0x for any possible updates and post down below to the comment section of your .wam wallet. Also, try tagging a friend to spread the word for the project. It would mean the world to us! Additionally, you may unlock a unique feature by tagging friends, rumours say.

Crypto Cards released

Expect many updates soon. Stay connected.
Please feel free to make any suggestions.
Until the next post…. HODL on Crypto Friends.

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Happy Crypto Family NFT
Happy Crypto Family NFT

Happy Crypto Family NFT

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