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I'm Melting, and Its Terrifying, Disgusting, and Hilarious. - Notes From an Artist Dreaming of Live Streaming

4 days ago 3 minute read World Wide Basement Vibes

I'm an artist. Not a trained artist per se, but I have spent my life finding creative applications of the world immediately around me, and always trying to conjure something new from what little I've got. I still like to play in the dirt, but my muse...

Tremors 5: Bloodline :: A Lyric Essay

5 days ago 2 minute read jxgrefe

What follows is a "lyric essay," a kind of poetic meditation, on the film TREMORS 5: BLOODLINE. I wrote this shortly after completing my NOTES FOR THE WOUNDED ROOMS collection, and found a rather interesting color study of this film hosted on an acad...

Sneaking Flower, Hidden Bee

14 hours ago 1 minute read HamondStrabwary

From time to time, I like drawing flowers. They are a fun and relaxing project. As for picking and smelling flowers, that's a different story. They make me a sneezing and snotty mess. So, I only admire flowers from afar. Since Spring is coming up nex...


5 days ago 1 minute read DriptorchStudio

Some days I feel like I have three heads. Many are my moods and they can change from moment to moment. Does that make me insane? I don't know honestly. Maybe it just makes me a human. Anger to sadness to joy to mellow, and around and around I go. 

Digital Art Update

27 minutes ago 1 minute read 숬 Andreaᵀᴱ ᴬᴹᴼ

Wow I am certainly behind sharing my latest projects with you all. Here is a few of my latest ones. I have used several different applications to create these. If you look at one long enough you will notice they do change colors, staying in their col...