TheExperimentsSeries: part 6/2

By excelencia | excelencia | 29 May 2022

See TheExperimentsSeries: part 6/1 for the upset of this experiment, and below are the results after waiting some 36 hours after tweeting these tweets, one without a quote above the tweeted article and one with a quote above the same tweeted article.

Snapshot taken on saturday, may 28 at 20:57 UTC


Snapshot taken on saturday, may 28 at 20:59 UTC:



To become more engagement for a tweeted article in twitter, you can better put an interesting quote from the content of the article above the tweeted article.

Until the next experiment,


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Thanks for your attention and have a nice Sunday!

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This article was published at 5:12am UTC on Sunday, may 28 2022.

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