Excelencia's "TheExperimentsSeries" part one: Happy Tuesday GIF

By excelencia | excelencia | 1 Feb 2022

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Todays opening tweet @xcelencia1




For me , getting 52 impressions in a 2 hours lap is a remarkable result!

Of course the use of #rtitbot is helping a lot to increase the reach of this tweet, as this retweet bot will retweet this to more then 19000 followers , see 


Some GIF's apparently cause a lot of people in twitter to engage with a  tweet that is showing it.

Therefore , I decided to do an experiment , using this same GIF as my static thumbnail image for this article.

My question is , will this article get traction on PublishOx or not?

Two possible outcomes:

  • A lot of clickers in the title and correlative with it , negative thumbs down for the poor content of this article after clicking on the title and despreciating its content.
  • Not a lot of clickers in the title .

Should this article get a positive response from some readers that not are annoyed too much  , I plan doing other experiments in the future.

Update friday, may 27 2022: 

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