TheExperimentsSeries: part 6/1

By excelencia | excelencia | 27 May 2022

This will be another experiment in two parts, in which a usual tweeted PublishOx article from TheDailyStatsSeries  will be compared with the same article  with an added quote above the tweeted article.

The comparison will be about the eventual differences in twitter interactions (Impressions, Engagements, Detail expands, Likes, Retweets...) both tweeted articles will get in a time delay of around 36 hours between tweeting and reviewing the Tweet Analytics.

This tweet was without posted quote above the tweeted article:


and this tweet was with a quote posted above the same tweeted article:


At the time of writing these lines , there had already passed a certain time it was tweeted,  and see the interactions already received at that time:

For the usual tweet(without quote above the tweeted article), which was tweeted around  one hour ago already , this were the received interactions after one hour:


For the same tweeted article with an added quote above the tweeted article, which was tweeted around 40 minutes ago already, these were the interacions after fourthy minutes:



We can already see a difference in interactions between the usual tweeted article and the same article tweeted with the quote above, more specific: 

We observe  more tweet activity  in the tweeted article that has a quote, compared with the usual tweeted same article, although the article with quote above was tweeted around 20 minutes later...: Impressions(34 against 28), Engagements(3 against 2) and retweets(2 against 1)(in both cases Excelencia has put hashtag #rtitbot in the tweets, which gave already one retweet  for each of the two tweets, as this bot retweets automatically to his 26.3K followers, see Excelencia's mentions about hashtag #rtitbot )


Let's see in around 36 hours from now(ca 11.00am UTC)(The reason for putting a time delay of 36 hours is that this article can be published only waiting until around 19:00 UTC and after publishing 24 hours has to be passed at least before I can post the results in the second part of this experiment. ) the eventual differences then in Impressions, Engagements, Detail expands, Likes and Retweets...

SeeYall in around 24 hours from now.

Hang on and Stay Tuned! 

Thanks for reading this article.



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