Why the Parler Takedown Could Kill Crypto
Decentralization is the way for crypto, but AWS gets all the defi

Why the Parler Takedown Could Kill Crypto

By AlucardLife | cryptoinvesting | 12 Jan 2021

When I first heard about Parler getting the boot from Amazon Web Services (AWS) for hosting footage of the US Capitol insurrection, I didn't pay it too much attention. I don't give a crap about a bunch of hillbillies storming the US Capitol; the Capitol has deserved just that for decades. I also don't care about hillbillies. They've got some problems about being replaced by immigrants, frozen salaries and no jobs, and I'm like — you've had it perfect for 150 years. If you couldn't get it right by then, it might be time to admit the Darwinism you so often tout against others actually applies to you.

But AWS banning Parler means that Amazon really doesn't have the same value set as say, Publish0x editors. There are crybabies who don't like my tone, but Publish0x continues to let me write here. They understand that a few loud, jealous dissenters really don't represent the will of the majority. And even if my posts sucked, which they don't, there should still be a place for me to write them. So I support Publish0x even though it isn't a decentralized platform, because it seems to uphold the values crypto was founded on — freedom, wealth sharing and privacy.

Amazon is not that company.

Understand that as soon as Jeff Bezos got his billions, he went Hollywood. He divorced his faithful wife of decades, married this plastic Skeletor bitch and made a beeline straight to the heart of LA. That means he's surrounded by rich, detached liberals who are big on government censorship. Bezos gets the tap on the shoulder from his new friends, and poof. Parler is gone.

That would be fine with me. Amazon kicking Parler off AWS is NOT censorship. Amazon is a private company, and there are alternatives. Lazy people only think that shit is censorship because they don't want to do the research to find new options.

This is what sucks for my money, though: 90% of defi uses AWS.

Developers looking to make a quick buck centralize their entire operations on AWS instead of taking the time to decentralize. Centralized structures are easy to attack, which means a political witchhunt against crypto altcoins could be very successful if Bezos gets another tap on the shoulder. This, more than any Tether FUD or idiots onboarding through Coinbase, is what scares me about the future of crypto's potential.

What's more, it doesn't make sense for people to use AWS when there are decentralized hosting solutions like Theta (and MANY more). But I see the same thing on the dev side as I see on the finance side of crypto. Most people want the quick buck and that's it. They don't want to build anything. It's going to be a sad day when they realize all that extra money they made can't be spent on anything worthwhile because their societies are complete government-run shit.

But if Bezos gets the tap on the shoulder tomorrow and shuts all of you fags down, most of you will give up. (Maybe that's a good thing.) All you'll do is go and yell about censorship on social media. You haven't been censored. You've been given an opportunity, actually. 

Overall, I don't expect "the people" to win out over Big Brother in this financial war. Big business and government will eventually control the majority of crypto. Any hope of new forms of governance for the majority of people will be gone. Yes, there will be smaller independent DAOs and societies outside of Applemerica and Afrizon and The People's Republic of China Sponsored by Facebook and the IMF. But most people will live inside of these bubbles, their only psychological recourse aimlessly protesting in front of robot guards from Boston Dynamics.

But for those who want to help create a free world outside this Matrix of hell, consider delaying the launch of your project until you can properly decentralize it. As an investor, I'm going to immediately begin prioritizing those that do. As I move into development, you can bet I will be building on decentralized platforms to take advantage of the new, wonderful technologies others have created for us.



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