Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO)

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Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAOs) are large scale organizations that have no central authority or government. Rather, the body is controlled democratically by its shareholders through smart contracts and decisions are recorded on the blockchain. The most well-known of DAO’s is the DAO that formed on the Ethereum blockchain, and which was subsequently hacked, resulting in a loss of $50 million. 

A term that grew in popularity with the advent of blockchain networks, decentralized organizations do not have the typical structure of a corporate organization i.e. something that is pyramidal. In the DAO’s case, governance is chiefly conducted with the help of smart contracts. Besides bringing the benefits associated with decentralization - transparency, immutability, security etc. - DAOs are also cost effective and, through token economics, good at incentivizing users to participate. 

Several DAOs have already been formed, including projects themselves, such as Aragon, BitShares, Dash and Digix. The governance mechanisms on such platforms allow users to propose changes and vote on such changes. 

Given that that there is no one power controlling the network, and that decentralized networks belong to no nation state, there has been some discussion on the legal status of DAOs. It continues to stir debate.  

DAOstack - Cooperation ... that's the key!

2 weeks ago 6 minute read Juan Molina $0.09 tipped

The Human Being as such can not live isolated, but in continuous interaction with his peers, therefore it is a sociable entity. Individuals have to cooperate with each other, because of their personal restrictions, and they must form organizations th...

DeFi Token Trading In Java Using The Kyber Network #1

8 Aug 2019 9 minute read talfco $3.58 tipped

A KyberDAO Funded Tutorial The tutorial will show you how easily you can access the Kyber Network out of a Java Application in order to trade crypto tokens. The tutorial has implemented the primary trading scenarios: Convert Ether to a Token Convert...

The Death Of The Corporation

8 Aug 2019 3 minute read talfco $0.26 tipped

Findings of my journey into the emerging world of DAO’s Under the headline “Findings of my journey into the emerging world of DAO’s” I will write articles about my working experiences with DAOstack based Distributed Autonomous Organizations (DAO). B...

What is your opinion on the future of digital money, CeFi vs. DeFi, and governance models within organizations?

20 Jul 2019 1 minute read Mark Anstead $1.05 tipped

I was recently able to come chat with Steve McGarry on his podcast talking about what a DAO is, it's pros & cons, the future of money, and the implication and tech behind the ERC-1484 EIP. Go give it a listen! Spotify - Itune...

Aragon works perfectly on mobile!

22 Apr 2019 1 minute read dmi3in $0.01 tipped

Can’t wait to share my excitement about Aragon 0.7 Bella 😍😍😍Now works on mobile perfectly! Actually lack of mobile version was stopping us from building DAO.  Here's short video about it (can't embed here video from facebook) If you'd like to join D...

The Magic Behind MakerDAO

11 Mar 2019 2 minute read jeffthebaker $1.29 tipped

Last post I wrote, I gave an introduction to Decentralized Autonomous Organizations with a special emphasis on MakerDAO (which is, in my opinion, the best DAO on the market). There was a lot of information crammed into that post, so below I will writ...

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations and MakerDAO

7 Mar 2019 3 minute read jeffthebaker $5.54 tipped

The potential applications of cryptocurrency and blockchain tech are numerous, and as the space continues to grow, so to does the number of possibilities that are floated around. Naturally, some of these use cases are more legitimate and impactful th...

Solar DAO - A Blockchain Sustainable Ecosystem

7 Feb 2019 2 minute read Cryptoray $0.01 tipped

Solar DAO Blockchain Community implements a collaborative philosophy and loyalty rewards Solar DAO Blockchain is a project aimed at sustainable ecology. An extra boost for newly created projects facilitating the emergence of new talent; while it is h...

A Quick Overview Of DigixDao Project

7 Sep 2019 5 minute read Rumi $4.50 tipped

Overview - DGD & DGX Tоkеnѕ DigixDAO іѕ а Decentralized Autonomous Orgаnіzаtіоn сrеаting а cryptocurrency bасkеd bу bаrѕ оf gold. DGD іѕ the nаtіvе Etherеum-bаѕеd ERC-20 cryptocurrency tоkеn governing the Dіgіx network. DGX іѕ the second Dіgіx tоkе...