Burgerswap is a scam that is trying to steal your bitcoin.

Burgerswap is a Scam to Steal Your Crypto

By Jimmython | cryptoinvesting | 20 Dec 2020

If you are using Binance Smart Chain (BSC), make sure to stay away from Burgerswap. They are a complete scam. Good thing it only cost me a little bit to find out. Copy this article and spread the word — make sure that everybody knows.

My experience:

I wanted to take an asset from Ethereum Chain to Binance Smart Chain. The Pancakeswap bridge, which I have used before for BSC to ETH, didn't make me feel comfortable about ETH to BSC. According to their setup, they only go from ETH to BEP2. So I tried the Burgerswap bridge. They have on their page a link that goes straight from ETH to BSC, so I felt comfortable.

Filled in all of the information and paid the gas. Everything good so far.

Go to bed.

Wake up the next morning and look over in my BSC wallet. The asset is not there. I track the transaction, and it shows that my asset came out of my ETH wallet and went into some other contract with like $600,000 worth of coins in it. I look, and my asset is definitely in there.

I go into the Burgerswap telegram group and ask what is going on.

I immediately get a Telegram call from some guy who sounded like English wasn't his first language. He says that I have to follow a link to a customer service chat, and they will help me. After making sure I'm in the real Burgerswap telegram group and not a scam group (which is funny because the REAL group is a scam), I followed the link.

The link took me to a webpage with a short form sign up. I had to put in an email and a first name. I gave them a false email and a false first name, because this was already starting to feel like a scam. After this "sign up," I went to a customer service chat where I repeated the grievance that I stated in the telegram group. Basically, there was an asset stolen from me from the Burgerswap bridge.

The first thing that this "customer service" agent told me to do was to give my verified email to "synchronize accounts." Huh? I don't have an account with Burgerswap, and I have never had to synchronize anything in my entire existence in defi. The customer service agent then asked for my mobile phone number to relay instructions to synchronize my account. The agent said that my asset was "stuck" in this intermediary contract and if I didn't synchronize my account, it would stay stuck.

I informed the agent that I did not want to give any more information. After all, Burgerswap is supposed to be a decentralized AMM. The entire point of that kind of a protocol is anonymity. The agent rudely informed me that "if you cannot give up this information, your asset will definitely stay stuck. We have other customers to get to."

The "agent" then closed the chat.

I have never known any defi protocol that ever needed my email address or phone number to proceed with any contract function. Even if they were somehow telling the truth, just the fact that their smart contract gets stuck somehow should be enough for you to stay away from the protocol. If you have to give them information and "synchronize your account" just to use the bridge, then Burgerswap is of no practical use.

Call me paranoid, but I was also taken aback by how quickly they responded to my issue in the telegram group. It was bot fast, not human fast. It's almost as if they wait for comments with negative buzzwords so that they can take advantage. The Burgerswap telegram group is suspect as well. There are over 7000 members in it, but only like five or so people who make comments. This reeks of fake accounts, bots and false conversations to draw people in and make the group seem legit.

Burgerswap = scam. Stay far away.

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I believe the best way to make money in any market is to cut out the scams and invest well with what's left. I traded up from 5 figures to 7 in the 2021 bull market with this strategy, and more importantly, kept that money during the bear.

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