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NFTs will help to drive adoption from Ethereum to Cardano and Polkadot.

NFTs — The Next Wave in Crypto

By Jimmython | cryptoinvesting | 18 Jan 2021

Making money in crypto is all about staying one step ahead of the crowd. As you are collecting profits from the current wave, you are actively looking for the next wave to invest that money in. Rinse and repeat until the bull market ends, then tether up and buy a couple of vacation homes.

So the current wave in crypto is Ethereum and decentralized finance (defi). But what's next? Some say Cardano, some say Polkadot. These are valid choices, and I think people who invest in ADA, DOT and their ancillary protocols will do well over the next 6-9 months.

I have another metatrend that I believe will actually drive the trend to ADA and DOT. Those chains are going to need an ace in the hole to move traffic away from ETH. Ethereum has one of the most loyal communities in crypto — they are willing to wait on ETH 2.0 through exorbitant fees, failed transactions, congested pathways and cheating shills like Ivan on Tech waiting in the wings to dump their ill-gotten free tokens on your head so you lose money.

That metatrend is NFTs. There's one reason why — the money is now there for completely, fully speculative investments. With bitcoin around $50k-100k, ETH at all time highs and plenty of altcoin profits, people are going to be flush. Institutional money will pump bags like never before. People will be experiencing euphoria and looking to spend on luxuries. NFTs from digital art to luxury insurance.

It would behoove you to begin researching NFTs so that you can understand the market. I can tell you that the digital art market is just as unforgiving as the finance market. You need to know the kingmakers and big players. You need to know the artists in demand. If you pull an NFT you don't like but the artist is popular, you might very well sell it for less than it's worth. Then you'll have to turn around and watch it sell on the market for an exponential of what you sold it for.

It's hard to recommend any platforms other than the ones in my sig because the space is so new. There are a couple of sites I'm looking at, but they have a critical feature missing or something. I'll let you know when I see them come through.



Always remember:

Burgerswap Bridge will steal your crypto
Deus.Finance is led by a psychotic wannabe despot
AllianceBlock is a shit project
All algorithmic stablecoins (Basis Cash, Mithril, Empty Set Dollar) are a SCAM

Don’t get your bitcoin from PayPal
Trade on BSC, not Ethereum
Ivan on Tech, Elliotrades and Bitboy are complete liars, and
If you are always losing money trading crypto, read here.

Gems I'm investing in:

NFTs - Doki Doki
Trading - Unimex
Finance - Soar

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I believe the best way to make money in any market is to cut out the scams and invest well with what's left. I traded up from 5 figures to 7 in the 2021 bull market with this strategy, and more importantly, kept that money during the bear.

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