Crypto Market Moving into Art NFTs
Crypto Market Moving into NFTs

Crypto Market Moving into Art NFTs

By AlucardLife | cryptoinvesting | 14 Feb 2021

Watching the crypto charts all day and night like I do, I get to noticing trends sometimes earlier than most.  I have noticed a real trend towards the NFT art world. A major project I'm looking at is the BUIDL project, which soared over 1100% in minutes today. The most creative idea I've heard in months, if they do it, is the ITEM token protocol. It combines all of the ERC token types into a single type that can be used across protocols. The community has grown organically, looks strong, and most importantly, is full of developers.

DAOs centered around the art market are getting a lot of attention, and I expected this. Think about it. Money flows from bitcoin to ether to alts. From there, it usually goes back into bitcoin in a bull market or into stablecoins (so called "taking profits"). But there is another step after small alts, and that's art NFTs.

Folks who feel rich buy art. Art is the most speculative asset you can invest in. It has no utilitarian purpose, but it persists as a store of value and a status symbol for wealthy people. And so it persists in the digital realm. 

This bull market is making everyone feel rich, and so money into digital art is the natural conclusion. I've personally had a couple of dead art projects come back to life. They weren't dead in terms of innovation, just price — cuz folks didn't feel rich in Q4 2020. They do in Q1 2021. And all things moving the same, they'll feel the same way in Q2 of this year and maybe all the way up to the end of Q3.

I'm also slowly seeing markets form for NFTs I farmed or bought months before. Looks like the slow version of a penny stock order book slowly building up.

And when art pumps, as the most speculative asset on the market, it will pump big. Same rules apply as with any other investment — buy low, sell high. Be patient, let the market come to you. All of the basics still make sense. Big rewards for those who follow the money.



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