Tutorial: How to Request a Withdrawal of Your Earned Crypto from Publish0x to Your Wallet

Hello good people of Publish0x,

today I decided to "celebrate" my 30-day-"anniversary" as an author on Publish0x. And what better way to "celebrate" than to request a withdrawal of the hard-earned crypto. 😄

Don't get me wrong,

I know Publish0x is about more than just earning crypto for writing and reading articles. My time on this platform has been a lot of fun. I met some great people that I would have never met in real life and read some great articles that expanded my knowledge in several different areas, most of all cryptocurrencies. I think that is worth much more than the crypto itself that I earned by reading -- and writing quite a few articles myself.

In my articles I explored a few different subjects and I discovered my love for explaining to people how to do something. As I felt that today is the time to request a transfer of my modest earnings for the very first time from Publish0x to my Uphold wallet, writing a tutorial about that process completes the "celebration". Be my guest and join me.

But first of all

the warning:

Using Uphold for receiving crypto is not recommended by Publish0x, because it is a custodial wallet -- but it does work for ETH and BAT. See my tutorial on how to use the Uphold wallet for withdrawing crypto from Publish0x for more details and why it might make sense in some cases.

However, the process in this tutorial is the same no matter which wallet you use.

Let's start by answering some questions you might have.

Which wallet should I use?

Here is the official Publish0x advice on wallets. To quote from the official Publish0x telegram group:

You're on the safe side by using any of MetaMask, myEtherWallet, Atomic or Trust. Basically, any self-hosted wallet will do; just make sure you keep a copy of your seed words in a safe place.


What is the minimum amount of crypto I can withdraw from Publish0x?

Publish0x pays you three different cryptos -- which crypto you earn for tipping an article is determined by chance. ETH is the most likely one, BAT and LRC are equally likely and less likely than ETH. As you earn three different cryptos, you have three different balances and three different minimum requirements. As of August, 29th 2020 the minimum balance for requesting a withdrawal is $1. That means that if you have a balance of ETH which is worth $1, you can request a withdrawal of ETH. No matter how much or how little LRC and BAT you have. The same is true for BAT and LRC; you need $1 worth of BAT/LRC in order to request a withdrawal of your BAT/LRC. 

Why haven't I withdrawn my crypto earlier?

I did not want to request a withdrawal for every single dollar I earned on Publish0x. The reason is that every time Publish0x has to send you your crypto, they have to pay gas fees which have been quite high recently. I trust the platform and its founders, so I did not feel the need to request a withdrawal as soon as I reached the minimum of $1 in each of the three cryptos. I did not want to incur unnecessary fees. However, it would be a pity if somehow the site got hacked or went bankrupt or anything else happened which might lead to a total loss of the earned crypto.

I really hope something like that won’t happen to Publish0x, because I enjoy reading and writing on here a lot. But: Better be safe than sorry. 😅 So, on we go with our request.

I have written this tutorial as carefully as possible. But -- just to be safe -- if you end up losing your crypto, I am not responsible. By following this tutorial, you agree to this term.

The steps

Note that the first 3 steps only need to be done once. The second time you request a withdrawal, you can jump straight to step 4.

1. Go to your wallet and locate the correct address for receiving ETH / BAT / LRC . It is super important not to make any mistake here. Otherwise, you will probably loose your earned crypto.
If you want to use Uphold for receiving ETH or BAT, check my tutorial on how to use the Uphold wallet for withdrawing crypto from Publish0x.

2. Now we need to copy the address for receiving ETH / BAT / LRC and paste it in Publish0x here. (Alternatively, you get to that page by clicking on your screen name and click on "settings".)


3. In the settings click on "wallets".
Make sure that you paste the right address into the correct section.
Note: Make sure to confirm that the address you pasted is indeed the same address that you copied. There have been cases in which browser extensions manipulated crypto addresses maliciously so that scammers receive your crypto instead of you. The extension changed as little characters as possible. So make sure that the pasted address is identical to the copied one.)
Double-check you pasted your ETH / BAT / LRC crypto address into the ETH / BAT / LRC section on Publish0x. If you send the wrong crypto to the wrong address, it will probably be lost...
Then hit save. You will be notified via email that your crypto address was changed. Confirm the email within 60 minutes.


Note that I only entered my BAT and my ETH addresses. The reason is that I use Uphold and Uphold cannot receive LRC. I will have to get another wallet to withdraw LRC which I will be doing at a later point in time.

4. Now that we set up our crypto addresses, we can request the withdrawal. Navigate to the Dashboard by clicking on your screen name and then "Dashboard". In the dashboard, click on "Payments".


5. On the payments site you will see which cryptos you can withdraw (remember: minimum balance of $1 required per crypto). Just click on "withdraw".cb5799f9af3e637c02c37beb62d746cecbcf8dce46725d82d20b4c8867fdbe4c.png

If you don't have the minimum amount of ETH / BAT / LRC or if you have not inserted an address to receive the crypto, the "withdraw" button is gray and cannot be clicked.

On that page you will also see any previous payments. In my case we see that on August, 19th my DAI balance was automatically converted to ETH. That was a one-time-event when Publish0x switched from DAI to ETH as the main tipping coin. 

The withdrawals are executed once per week on Mondays. Just click "Withdraw", read the warning message and confirm it. Then wait until the end of next Monday.


The keen reader

might have noticed that Publish0x now recommends "MyCrypto Wallet". They used to recommend "Atomic Wallet" until very recently. Does anybody know why they changed their recommendation?

Do you want to earn crypto just for reading? Sign up here to create a free account with Publish0x, so that you can also receive crypto for reading posts.

Are you already using the awesome, super fast Brave browser? If not, have a look at my post here to learn about it or download the Brave browser here and enjoy improved privacy, browsing speed and earn some crypto. Are you using Brave on Android? Make sure that you receive Brave ads even when the browser is not in use. Learn how to withdraw BAT from the mobile browser.

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