Tutorial: How to Withdraw ETH and BAT from Publish0x to Your Uphold Wallet

If you're like me, you love using the awesome Brave browser and you earn some BAT with the Brave Rewards program. Therefore, as Brave only allows to transfer the earned BAT to Uphold, you probably already have an Uphold wallet. And as you're reading this post on Publish0x, you probably earn some ETH, BAT and LRC here. 

So you might be wondering: Can I use my Uphold wallet for withdrawing crypto from Publish0x? -- and the answer is yes. I will show you what you have to do in order to withdraw ETH and BAT to your Uphold wallet. But first:

A Warning

Using Uphold to withdraw your earned crypto from Publish0x is not the recommended way. Here is the official Publish0x advice on wallets. To quote from the official Publish0x telegram group:

You're on the safe side by using any of MetaMask, myEtherWallet, Atomic or Trust. Basically, any self-hosted wallet will do; just make sure you keep a copy of your seed words in a safe place.


However, in some cases it could make sense to withdraw ETH and BAT to Uphold:

  • Let's assume you earn BAT with Brave Rewards and you don't want to hodl it. Let's assume you want to convert it to some fiat currency instead. In that case, you receive monthly BAT transfers from Brave to your Uphold wallet that you intend to cash out rather soon. In that case, you can transfer the ETH and BAT from Publish0x to Uphold as well and cash them out together with the BAT from Brave.
  • Another scenario is that you might want to take advantage of Uphold's lending and staking options. (Thanks to @tvlachak for that idea.)
  • A third scenario: If you are located in Europe, you can convert your assets to many US stocks and ETFs. (Thanks to @tvlachak for that idea as well.)

Now that this is out of the way, I show you how to do it.

First of all the confirmation that this will work -- again from the official Telegram group.


If you prefer real-life-experience: @tvlachak reported in the comments that he successfully transferred BAT from Publish0x to Uphold last week.  

I have written this tutorial as carefully as possible. But -- just to be safe -- if you end up losing your crypto, I am not responsible. By following this tutorial, you agree to this term.

The steps

1. Log in to your Uphold wallet. You should see several different "cards". 


2. Note that there is no card for ETH yet. There are two possibilities what we can do with our ETH from Publish0x. We can either create a card for ETH and have Publish0x send the ETH to it. Therefore, the ETH will stay ETH.
Alternatively, we can fill up our Brave Browser card with ETH. In that process the ETH will be converted to BAT.
For the sake of this tutorial, we assume that we don't want the ETH to be converted. So we click on "Add card/currency".

4e87d8433e2946eb6583b8a817ad4dad873200bbee37d59f95f4c84b85e47e72.png A small window pops up. Name the card anything you like -- I chose "Ethereum P0x" and then select "Ether" as currency.


3. The new card is instantly created. Click on it and select "Add funds". You will see this window.


Select "Fund with Cryptocurrency or Utility Token".

4. Scroll down and select "Ether (ETH)" in the "Choose a Cryptocurrency to send funds from" section.


5. You will see that our new card does not have a crypto address yet. So let's change that by clicking "Generate Address".


6. Take notice of the warning. Only send ETH to that address. DO NOT SEND ANY OTHER CRYPTOCURRENCY TO THIS ADDRESS! 


7. Now we need to copy the address and paste it in Publish0x. Here is the link. (alternatively go to Publish0x "settings" and then "wallets".) Make sure that you paste the address into the ETH section and confirm that it is indeed the same address that Uphold is showing. 
(There have been cases in which browser extensions manipulated crypto addresses maliciously so that scammers receive your crypto instead of you. The extension changed as little characters as possible. So make sure that the pasted address is identical to the copied one.)
Double-check you pasted your ETH crypto address into the ETH section on Publish0x. If you send LRC or BAT (or any other crypto) to that address, it will probably be lost...
Then hit save. You will be notified via email that your crypto address was changed. Confirm that that was actually you who made the change.


So there you go.

Now you can receive ETH from Publish0x to your Uphold wallet. Alternatively, you can use the ETH from Publish0x to fill up your BAT from Brave. And you can fill up BAT from Brave by copy pasting the BAT crypto address of the "Brave Browser card" into the BAT section on Publish0x.

Let me know in the comments if you would like to see a dedicated tutorial for that.

In order to receive your crypto, you need to request a withdrawal first. Check this tutorial to learn how to do that.

The keen reader

might have noticed that Publish0x now recommends "MyCrypto Wallet". They used to recommend "Atomic Wallet" until very recently. Does anybody know why they changed their recommendation?

Do you want to earn crypto just for reading? Sign up here to create a free account with Publish0x, so that you can also receive crypto for reading posts.

Are you already using the awesome, super fast Brave browser? If not, have a look at my post here to learn about it or download the Brave browser here and enjoy improved privacy, browsing speed and earn some crypto. Are you using Brave on Android? Make sure that you receive Brave ads even when the browser is not in use. Learn how to withdraw BAT from the mobile browser.

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