Quick Tip: How To Receive Brave Ads On Mobile -- Even When The Browser Is Not In Use (Android Only)


You can receive Brave ads on your Android smartphone and collect those sweet BAT -- even when you are not using Brave. The option has to be enabled manually, because by default -- it is turned off!

(In case you haven't heard of Brave before, scroll down to the bottom.)

The Problem

Many people -- including me -- know how to activate Brave rewards. (In case you don't know how to activate Brave rewards, see below.)

Brave rewards will show you privacy respecting ads and will share a part of the ad revenue with you. You get paid in BAT which you can use to tip content creators or which you can have transferred automatically to an Uphold wallet for hodling or for converting to other currency. 

Maybe you have noticed that the Brave browser will only serve you ads when you are actively using it. You might think "well, that's unfortunate". But hold on: we can change that - at least on Android.

However, what many people -- including me until recently -- do not know is: There is a setting that allows you to receive ads even when you are not using Brave. I can confirm that it works (at least on Android 10, in the comments it was pointed out that Brave on iOS doesn't have this option). So here is how to activate it:

"Show Ads When Brave Is Not In Use"

The somewhat hidden option is called "Show ads when Brave is not in use". Here is how to activate it:

0. Open the Brave mobile browser.
1. Tap on the three dots in your navigation bar.
2. Navigate to "Settings".
3. Scroll down to "Brave Rewards".
4. There you find "Show ads when Brave is not in use". Just activate it by flipping the switch.

Be warned, however, that the ads might cause notifications at any time of the day. So either adjust your Brave notifications to be silent or use Android's "Do Not Disturb" Mode while you are in meetings or at sleep, etc. 

How to activate

How To Activate Brave Rewards

0. Open the Brave mobile browser.
1. Tap on the three dots in your navigation bar.
2. Navigate to "Brave Rewards".
3. Make sure "Brave Rewards" and "Ads" are checked.
4. Tap on "View Details".
5. Tap on the icon to the right of "Settings".
6. A new window opens. Adjust the maximum number of ads you want to see in one hour. 

How to activate Brave rewards.

In order to receive ads, you will have to set your device's location to one of the following (see ressource 1):

  • :us: United States (US)
  • :uk: United Kingdom (UK)
  • :canada: Canada
  • :fr: France
  • :de: Germany
  • :australia: Australia
  • :ireland: Ireland
  • :new_zealand: New Zealand
  • :argentina: Argentina
  • :austria: Austria
  • :brazil: Brazil
  • :switzerland: Switzerland
  • :chile: Chile
  • :colombia: Colombia
  • :denmark: Denmark
  • :ecuador: Ecuador
  • :israel: Israel
  • :india: India
  • :it: Italy
  • :jp: Japan
  • :kr: Korea
  • :mexico: Mexico
  • :netherlands: Netherlands
  • :peru: Peru
  • :philippines: Philippines
  • :poland: Poland
  • :sweden: Sweden
  • :singapore: Singapore
  • :venezuela: Venezuela
  • :south_africa: South Africa

"We’re aiming for regional support that covers most of the globe by the end of 2019. We went to market with English, French, German, and will be releasing Japanese support soon. Language localizing the ML models, while continually improving the models, will take some time. We appreciate your patience!" (1)

What Is Brave

Download the awesome Brave browser here for basically any platform you like. Brave is a super fast web browser that works especially well on slower devices. It is based on the open source version of the Google Chrome browser. That means all your favorite Chrome extensions work with Brave and you can import all your bookmarks, stored passwords and other settings from Chrome. Brave provides advanced ad blocking and privacy functionality. On top of that it features a tipping functionality and pays you BAT in case you agree to see privacy-respecting ads. It is the only browser that I use. 

Save Time And Bandwith With The Brave Browser.


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Are you already using the awesome, super fast Brave browser? If not, have a look at my post here to learn about it or download the Brave browser here and enjoy improved privacy, browsing speed and earn some crypto. Are you using Brave on Android? Make sure that you receive Brave ads even when the browser is not in use. Learn how to withdraw BAT from the mobile browser.


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