Alien Worlds - Mining Event Strategies (Easy Money)

By Qaraqol | qaraqol | 16 Mar 2021

Alien Worlds - Mining Event Strategies (Easy Money)

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Recently I wrote an article titled "Alien Worlds - Mining Events & Profits"

In that article, however, I did not participate in a Mining Event. Recently I did, here's what I learned.

So What Is a Mining Event?

A mining event is where people race to get the most TLM in a certain time frame. There's some pretty stiff competition in the Team Events, even more in the Solo events.

Mining Event Strategies

One of the strategies me and my team used was mining in a high charge time before the event actually started, then mining on the high charge time / reward land when the event begins for a nice boost. Then, switching between planets based off the best land and planet.

This strategy works well, getting us a nice chunk of TLM and ending up #1 in the event, taking home 80 WAX (worth about $20 as of writing.)

The most crucial thing about being in a team in a Mining Event is being with good teammates with decent tools. Otherwise you won't get a good place and will not get as much WAX. My team fortunately had lots of good tools, so we were able to win. Even if you have bad tools, you can still participate in mining events, but you shouldn't expect to get #1.


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