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Posting on Publish0x every day for the next 365 days - Day Fourteen, 'The end of FIFA as we know it'

By LeftFooted | bitcoinea | 31 Jan 2023

Day fourteen on my quest to write a story on Publish0x every day for a year. So far, I've covered the important topics of peanut butter, the word 'whoa', frogs, the difference between BTC, BCH and BSV, Croatia, coffee, the movie Drive, content as currency, coffeeAlgorand, Brave Browser, Horizen, my first Bitcoin wallet.

Today I wanna talk about FIFA. As in, the world's best-selling sports video game, which will officially rebrand next year.

EA Sports confirmed that the 29-year partnership with FIFA, the governing body of football, will end after the release of FIFA 23.

It was a wild ride, and it was hugely profitable. After all, EA Sports shipped over 325 million copies of its most popular game in 2021 alone. The franchise is worth about $20 billion [in sales] every year.

But all good things come to the end and FIFA said every new game from here on out will simply be called EA Sports FC.

According to rumours, FIFA was making nearly $150 million a year from licensing naming rights to EA Sports but was to looking to double that amount.

EA Sports probably said, "nope" and just decided to rebrand the game and spend that cash somewhere else.

EA Sports also said fans needn't worry about the name change. The gameplay will stay the same, and EA Sports will still acquire naming rights for athletes and leagues, including the EPL, Serie A, Bundesliga, MLS and LaLiga.

Let's just hope they've fixed the keeper's glitch, too.


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