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Posting on Publish0x every day for the next 365 days - Day Eight, 'Your Content is your currency'

By LeftFooted | bitcoinea | 25 Jan 2023

Day eight on my quest to write a story on Publish0x every day for a year. So far, I've covered the important topics of peanut butter, the word 'whoa', frogs, the difference between BTC, BCH and BSV, Croatia, coffee,and the movie Drive.

Not sure when or where I read that but I once remember reading a quote: "your content is your currency".

It was a long time ago, back when the idea of making a living out of creating content and writing stuff on the internet was insane.

People laughed. When I left my 9-5 job that most people described as a 'normal job', people laughed. When I spent hours every day writing thousands of words for free, people laughed.

Now I'm the one that's laughing because my content is indeed my currency, I get paid to write stuff.

And I'm not talking about Publish0x, I'm talking about my everyday job.

I'm writing this while literally sitting on my bed, wearing shorts and a t-shirt, while drinking a glass of rose wine.

Content can now be redemeed for currency. And this is going to be even more true in the web 3.0 era.

And when I say 'currency', I mean hard cash, obviously, but I also mean other things. Free drinks, free gadgets, free hotel stays, free trips to an exotic location to test drive a new car. This is currency.

Sorry, this turned out to be a bit more self-absorbed than I wanted it to be.


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