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Splinterlands - Road to Champion #007 - Season Rewards 2

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In this episode we take a look at the rewards that I received for the last season. ___In this series called "Splinterlands Road to Champion" I try to reach the Champion leauge in Splinterlands, also known as Steemmonsters, without spending any money...

Prospectors New Land & Assets Presale

1 week ago 1 minute read egamersio $0.36 tipped

The MMO Economic Strategic game Prospectors is expanding its gameplay by adding a new map on Wax. Currently, there is an auction-style assets sale available featuring gold and tools. Prospectors new land & asset presale is taking place on the WAX cha...


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The sympathetic title from the independent gaming scene wants to commemorate the JRPG of the 1990s, but is only partially successful. He is definitely not dense and even if he has some reserves, if you enter the streets of the endangered town of Bran...

Why MiceRace is Considered among the Most Promising Gambling Platforms?

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We are talking today about Micerace, a crypto gambling project having the potential to reach the highest levels of success in the near future, since its features and benefits are already attracting many crypto gamblers and investors. 1. The features...


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In 2006, the third and most successful work was released. Handy Games cannot deny the sense of brand spin. It should be added, however, that the brand is still interested and the title has something to offer on personal computers. It should warm us a...

Earn ETH by playing Gods Unchained

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  Gods Unchained is a trading card (similar in concept to MTG and Hearthstone), that is currently in Beta (and a lot of fun to play!) The game is completely free to play. You can start now. No purchase required, though you will need an extension tha...

Orionix the new comission free and trustless trading platform for games, items and services using blockchain technology

1 week ago 2 minute read Hoticolist $0.08 tipped

By Hoticolist: Orionix is a commission-free games and items exchange platform along with ORX token that covers operational costs by minting its own native currency.The project aims to facilitate communication, exchange, and security between players....


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El Presidente has been at the forefront of the banana republic for years, and more or less regularly returns to the scene with a new sequel. And we still haven't gotten tired of it, even though we already know in advance what is waiting for us. And e...

Splinterlands - Road to Champion #006 - New Reward Cards

1 week ago 1 minute read okean123 $0.21 tipped

___ In this episode we take a look at the new reward cards that were announced recently. The video is a bit longer than usually, but I hope you don't mind. This is the post shown in the video:

Meltelbrot #37 – Join the ‘Block’ party |Shield Shock| by Boundless Studios

1 week ago 7 minute read egamersio $0.12 tipped

Today I’m chatting with Reece Geofroy of Boundless Studios, the indie developer behind a new game, Shield Shock, that is looking to utilise the Enjin blockchain gaming solution. The game itself is a 2D Fighter Platformer Game all about blocking enemy...