This is how I lost 17 Pounds(8Kg) in 2019 without Serious Exercise

By belemo | belemo | 4 Jan 2020

Earlier today I stood on a scale and found out my weight had dropped to 75Kg all the way from 83Kg. This came as a shocker to me considering last year was probably one of my worst years in terms of keeping fit.

Truth is, I really like the way exercise makes me feel but I struggled with consistency. I mean, I always make conscious effort to stay fit and even went as far as constructing my own dumbbell with scrap metal but because of motivation or just plain laziness, I always fall of the rail. So every now and then, I’d do the odd pushup or jog and stuff but never consistent enough to be sexy like acromott.


Just a rider

Despite my struggle with an inconsistent fitness regime, I also enjoyed a few bottles of beer every now and then but nothing over the top or enough to count as excessive. It's safe to say that my alcoholism was as inconsistent as my fitness programs, so we can say they canceled each other out…or complimented each other. I don’t make the rules.


A healthy can of beer

When it comes to eating and pay close attention to this part, I was consistent. Perhaps I’m fortunate, although my slightly protruding stomach might make you think different, I actually had a consistent eating pattern and that was probably the only health-related thing I stayed disciplined and faithful to.

First of all, I cut down on soda and other beverages to focus on beer and whiskey because I’d rather get high while getting fat than just getting fat. Secondly, I followed a strict “diet” where I had a 12-hour window between 7am-7pm to do any eating and drinking I want to do. In this 12-hour window, I ate pretty much whatever the hell I liked and could afford, excluding burgers and Pizzas because they’re expensive.

I’d like to give a motivational speech to anyone who’s trying to lose weight but the truth is, I lost weight because I was consistent at two very important things; the 12-hour eating window and was mostly broke.

I’ve gotten a couple of suggestions to explain how I lost the weight. My friend said its because of my exertions in school and my girlfriend genuinely believes its because we have lots of sex, and while both suggestions may be true, I think I lost weight because I was somewhat malnourished. What do I know anyway, I’m just a man with a protruding stomach.


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